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Post implant feeling

Hi, I just implanted myself an nfc chip between my thumb and index finger. I've watched videos where people said that it was (near) painless, but my implant location feels like a bruise or small traumatism. I'm worried about having gone too deep or too shallow since its the first time I do this. Could you please tell me about your own post-implantation feelings?


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  1. I had a cylinder magnet implanted in same spot as you. The process itself was actually painless (one sharp pain and some dull pain) and done in about 45 seconds, 5 min prep not included. Implantation method was scalpel, make pocket and jam in the magnet.

    Afterwards it did hurt quite a bit for a few days, took maybe 2 weeks for most pain to go away. Month after i was painless, although my constant playing with magnet caused me a great deal of pain. Exploring my boundaries etc.

    Some trauma is to be expected.

  2. Phew, that's a relief.

  3. I just had 2 chips done yesterday, both in the web area next to the thumb. One has very minor bruising and doesn't hurt, the other has no bruising and only hurt for the morning, the day after. Both chips were done with the injectors. I'm looking forward to doing the vivokey and finger magnet next.

Displaying all 3 comments