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Which coating for a magnet should I purchase

Hello, I'm new here and I'm wondering whether I should buy a N52 Parylene coated magnet or wait to purchase a titanium nitride coated magnet

I found the Parylene coated magnet here:

However, I've heard from someone that the same manufacturer is going to release a batch of N55 titanium nitride coated magnets soon.

Should I wait or go ahead with the Parylene coated magnet?


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  1. I haven't had good experience with SMM's magnets, and from what I understand magnet failure is a VERY common issue with this vendor. I'd be interested in testing out the TiN magnet when they're available, but given SMM's reputation I would be cautious about trusting their safety.

  2. I've emailed them a few weeks ago and they said, as of June 1st, the TiN magnets would be released in 1 - 2 weeks. As of today, they're still not in stock. I'm considering purchasing a few dozen of their Parylene magnets and testing all of them in a saline solution. The magnets that fail i'll disregard and the ones that survive i'll choose one to implant. I'm hoping to get at least a few years out of my implant, so I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not since I'm aware that Parylene has the tendency to crack.

  3. Update: After quite a few back and forth emails with one of the account managers at SMM magnets, I’ve been able to get one of the early batches of TiN coated magnets and it’s shipping right now. Hopefully these are better than what people say the Parylene ones are.

  4. Alright so i got the magnets and they're really powerful for their size. However, I'm concerned about the edges of the coating. Every magnet has at least one side where the edges looks like it could be exposed. I'm going to do an experiment in saline solution to be safe.
    Normal side:

    Possibly exposed side:

  5. Weird. So they didn't flip them and do the other side?

  6. @Cassox I'm not sure yet, @dieselpwr said he emailed SMM magnets and told me that they double coat their magnets. I'm testing the magnet in the picture in saline solution as of now and I'll check back later tomorrow. If the possibly exposed side is indeed exposed or seems too sketchy, do you think it would be safe you use some FDA8 epoxy to specifically target the questionable side?

  7. Looks good to me, the first coat leaves the flip side uncoated so they flip the magnet and do a second coat, the already coated sides turn nearly twice as Tin colored/darker, and the other side stays the same colour/1coat of tin colour

  8. I'm attempting to order some to test. From your pictures.. the one side looks beautiful. Well coated with no apparent scorching. The other side.. looks terrible. I've made many attempts with many companies to get this process down but that doesn't mean I understand it terrible well. One issue from what I do understand is that the beam can knock coating off as well as apply it. This is part of what contributes to pinholing. Maybe there's some trick that makes that a moot concern. Idk.
    I still have thousands of M31s. So, all the resin tests I'm doing are pretty much exactly what you're saying.. a safe resin over a maybe ok TiN coating.

  9. If the two claims I'm reading are true.. N55 and a good TiN coating, then this will be the best magnet available by far. I have a new magnetometer on the way as well specifically to test the N55 claim.

  10. The pic looks to me like TiN over gold with one side not coated with TiN.

  11. @nothot any updates? have you already sunk them in saline? what do you think about the magnets, are they any good?

  12. So far, it looks the same as it did yesterday, I went ahead and ordered some epoxy( and I’ll apply it specifically to the area that looks suspicious(however, I’ll try multiple different coating areas for science and see if I can get a full coating)
    This will also serve as a multi-coating barrier and hopefully extend the lifespan of the magnet in my finger

  13. sounds good, so they havent begun to rust at all? idk if extra coating is necessary. and yes they are indeed douple coated whit only Tin, its a raw neodymium and 2 layers of Tin on top of it.

    this message under is from smm account manager

    "However, these are coated with a double layer of TiN only. The reason for this is because of hang points on the magnet. If we did a single layer then there is a good possibility that the hang points would not be coated. A double coating is what will help prevent this. "

  14. I opened the rest of the packs of magnets(I ordered 20 but they accidentally sent me 30) and there’s actually some magnets that look promising. They still have a side that looks like a small black ring on the edge but it’s not nearly as pronounced as the images I showed. It also looks more like the color on the shaft of the disk than neodymium oxide. I may go ahead and implant this week without the epoxy. I plan to do a second implantation later this year so, given the magnet I’m testing in saline solution doesn’t show signs of degradation, I’ll do an experimental epoxy coating later.

  15. Nice! i may order 20 magnets soon, keep us updated how the implanting goes and etc! i was thinking of implanting one in my left hand index or ring finger,, i need one for sensing mainly so does anybody which finger is the most sensitive? ring finger seems to have 2 major nerver going in it, but i would prefer index finger just because its good for pointing lol

  16. After a few days in the saline bath, there’s no visible change to the coating, especially in the suspicious area. However, I noticed a tiny black magnetic spec on the magnet. Initially I thought it was part of the magnet degrading until I thought it might be from the magnet I used to remove it from the solution and test it’s strength(it’s the same color as the spec and it’s a very cracked and old magnet from a record player I think). Sure enough, waving it over the big magnet brought more specs to the TiN magnet. It then promptly scratched after playing with it over the big magnet(I wasn’t going to implant that particular one anyway, so I might as well use it as a durability test) the scratching revealed a completely different color than the black area in the images. The TiN magnet is actually so powerful, it was twisting itself between my fingers when I was waving it over the big magnet; I’ll need to be pretty careful with it during recovery from implantation. I think I’m in the clear to implant, however, I’ll try find a magnifying glass for further inspection.

  17. @dieselpwr I’m implanting in my non-dominant ring finger simply since I use it the least

  18. Update: Since the saline solution test was a success, I decided to abuse the magnet to see what it could take. However, I got some unexpectedly great results. After attempting to rub the side that looked like it was exposed; something weird happened: the dark ring around the edge ended up scratching off, revealing the layer of TiN underneath. My hypothesis is that it’s built up soot from the coating process.

  19. These are on the site now

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