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Making NGF

NGF is something that most of us want to work with, but it's not cheap stuff. So I think we should come together as a community and at least try to learn how to the stuff is made, what makes it so expensive, and try to see if we can find a cheaper way to make it (like inserting the gene into E. coli so that they can make it for us). Please post any research on how the stuff is made/ related info here whenever you come across it. Thanks


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  1. looks like it would be a pain to make. probably why it is so expensive
    who knows may be possible with some of those kits

  2. The fact that they used salivary glands as bioreactors seems quite promising for using other things to make it

  3. Anything new?

  4. nope been focussing on the coating

  5. Ah ok. If I can find a way to make some then I would love to mess around with some.

  6. Have you considered the option of utilizing a near overdose level of Yamabushitake (Lions Mane) Mushroom and while the NGF in your system is extensively heightened collecting a grotesque level of saliva and a slight amount of oral blood and utilizing a HGH similar phosphatide for the necessary build of a petri factory in which to hyper produce a glory of disgustingly impure yet elaborately bulked NGF from the glory of your Japanese/Chinese mushroom friend and then 'cook' out the HGH breakdown and just hope the extractions provide a carefully clean response extract which will still be able to aggregate with a minimal level of self and HGH simultaneously???

Displaying all 6 comments