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electromagnetic force field

If you wired up elctromagnets in the palms of both hands, on each breast/moob and a big on on the stomach, then by wearing a backpack to hold the necessary charge. Then could you use them as a 'force field'.

Ok in more depth.

1. a batery backpack

2. some magnets thinging of one layer of plastic then one layer or metal coiled up with a current through it then a another plastic then cooling gel then another ring.

3. a switch to turn magnets on and off

4. if you had multiple people the effect would be increased/the need for each magnet to be as powerful would be decreased, even if you didn't stop a projectile you still might be able to slow it down enough to reduce damageespecially considering that if you are allready wearing kevlar it could be built into that to provide an even more powerful effect

what do people think, i couldn't find any magnets as described but intergrating into kevlar might be an idea.


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  2. ... Deja vu. As a Stihl technician, please do not use the AR 3000 as power sources for anything that's not part of Stihl's AP line of 36v battery-powered units. Its inconsistent with it's intended use and labeling. Lol o3o On another note, cannot recall the discussion, but Tl;Dr is physics don't work that way in regards to electromagnetic repulsion versus a hot, nonferrous projectile with a high impulse of kinetic energy versus a static field. ^^'
  3. :(
  4. This would do nothing to a normal lead slug, except maybe heating it up a bit due to eddy currents generated by its moving through a magnetic field (see inductive furnaces). The power required to make this measurable are probably impossible without miniaturized fusion a la Fallout.

    If the slug were ferromagnetic, you'd probably just be extra dead if it was a strong field, because regardless of polarity it's going to attract the non-magnetized projectile.

  5. Not even magneto can stop a normal bullet. When you do see him stop a bullet it is because he found the one guy in the crowd with full metal jacket ammo. Mythbusters did a similar test with an electromagnet deflecting a bullet.

    There just isnt anything you can do against something moving that fast. Unless you were talking about a knife.

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