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Electrician looking for different implant placements

Hey ya'll, new to the board been lurking for a bit now finally decided to sign in and make an account. Some how in conversation a while ago with my boss we started talking about RFID implants and things. That's when I started doing some research and found you guys and discovered magnets. I'm an electrician and I feel like having a magnet implant could potentially be life saving if I ever go to work on a wire I can tell if it's live or not. Now I know a magnet will only sense current not voltage so it could tell me if it's hot but not necessarily if it's dead (due to an open circuit). So first I'm looking to do/get a magnet implant. I've read the wiki and have learned a bit, obviously I'm no expert and would like to communicate with you guys to see what my best options are going forward. I.e. Getting it done, doing it myself, which magnets, tests to run and all that. Next i guess I'm concerned about placement. The side/tip of my finger seems like a horrible spot if I'm working with my hands all day. I was wondering if anyone has tried top of their hand or top of the finger and had a decent sensitivity. Or any other place for that matter. Thanks


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  1. The placement of magnets is critical and they will only give a good sensation if there are a lot of sensor cells around to pick up the tiny vibration caused by the magnet. The only place where you have a sufficient amount of those is in your fingertips. That's due to the fact that the fine structure of your fingerprints generate vibrations when moving over a surface. The density of those cells drop drastically as soon as you move away from the fingertips. By the time you reach the palm it already reduced a lot, the back of the hand only has a fraction of the sensitivity you have in your fingertips. With magnets you pretty much hijack existing sensor cells to double-purpose them.
    Long story short: magnets won't give you a noticeable sensation anywhere else. Lips and genitals may be the only other options but I doubt you'll find those useful when working with live wires. It would look funny tho.
  2. It would look pretty funny. Any word on what magnet to get ATM?
  3. Have a look at the Magnet status thread. Right now it seems that Steve Haworth is the only reasonable recommendable source for magnets. I'm not really up2date with magnets tho.
  4. If you are looking at getting a magnet implanted by someone reputable, (not just purchase implantable magnets and finding someone else to implant them for you), Brian Decker in NYC is also a good option. He travels a lot, too, so even if you aren't near New York it's likely he'll be near you at some point.

    There is also a list of other implanters on the wiki, but I don't know how up to date it is:
Displaying all 4 comments