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coils for headphone implants

What if for the implantable Magnets that go into the ear, we design a hat or some sort of headband with the coil built into it like the fold of the bottom cloth on a hat or weaved into a headband. Or what about the copper fit headbands, just applying a current into those since they are weaved with copper fibers. would you think this would work and be more of a concealed system? Obviously not for like airport security lol, they might think your a terrorist...


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  1. One thing I've had some luck with thus far is placing a coil up close against the tragus, like mounted on an ear cuff with an inductor pointed at the magnet. I've only been testing this with tonal input thus far and not a direct audio stream, so I can't vouch for any improvements on quality there. But a coil mounted closer to the implant site itself will definitely give you more auditory feedback / bang for your battery / buck
  2. would  larger coil work better than a smaller one? such as wrapped around the head as opposed to a small one on the ear?

  3. Having considered this idea (still considering but not as much), your best bet is to just buy the "spy earpiece" set that inspired the original implant and play with the coil. You'll find really fast what works good and what doesn't as far as configurations go. I had the best output with loops around the ear but I'm a minimalist when it comes to visible mods and couldn't come up with a satisfactory solution. I had made a nice leather wrapped coil with tooled leather "tubes" and a medallion to hide all of the electronics for a necklace coil, but until I can figure out how to increase the volume a bit in the ears I'm not going through with the implants.
  4. wouldnt supplying more energy to the coil increase it? Or am I mistaken
  5. A larger coil would be worse than a smaller coil. And by that I mean a coil with a larger inner diameter. You'd need a longer length of wire, which would increase resistance and draw more power. Second off, even if you put the same amount of energy into the larger coil, it would be significantly quieter than the smaller coil, because you'd have spread the same amount of magnetic field energy over a larger space. However, if you use the same length of wire with a smaller inner diameter, you'll get a more concentrated magnetic field.

    Supplying more amperage to the coil will increase volume. But if you supply to much, you will burn yourself/burn up the insulation on the wires. It will also increase heat, and the size of wire that you need. And it increases the size/complexity of your audio amplifier.

    Also, the copper headband idea, while clever, would probably be very quiet, if it worked at all. 
  6. It would work however not only are all the problems you mentioned present, more importantly it also simply eats batteries almost too fast to be practical. The best solution for volume is small coils around the ear but unless you have long hair or are female and can reasonably pass them off as jewellery, you lose the invisible aspect of the mod which is the main appeal of it to me.

    You can supply a bare copper housing electrical wire with enough power to sound ok easily enough (and it's honestly a better solution than the smaller twisted wires the kits usually come with) and not heat up noticeably but again you can only use it for so long before it's time to change the batteries.
  7. Yeah. how would you suggest I design the coil to fit somewhere on my ear that is less noticeable?

    ~~Edit~~ I am a male so he jewelry idea would not work.

  8. All I can say is good luck. :/ Keep in mind you not only have to worry about the coil, but the wires leading to it as well for power. I've never thought of a clever solution to that so it's always been either be efficient but visible, or hidden but a power hog.
  9. Okay thank you for your help anyways.
  10. Was working on a rail gun with a buddy, well the theory part. Slightly smaller wire with lower watt/ ampage with more coils. The should provide a decent start with the coil issues. Might be wrong but we had similar issues with the rg project later.
  11. Also my dad had one of those oldschool pain management boxes with a copper wire inlaid to the spine. Box detachable and decently juiced. It caused electrical pulses at certain wattage to sooth nerves. Maybe specialized ear piece with a tight coil transmitting to a micro coil inside with the magnet? Powerlines, 480v and above(panel breakers) would probably cause slight interference
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