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why the m31

ive noticed that anytime the question of whee someone should get a magnet pops up, one of the main responses is to simply wait until the m31 is back in stock. is there a particular reason for the m31 being the gold standard aside from its titanium nitride coating, or is that the only thing that makes it special.


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  1. Saying the coating is the only thing that makes it special is like saying the only thing that makes a certain roadway special is the surface the vehicle drives on. ^^" That's quite an important detail. Asphalt and concrete tend to do better than say, unpaved dirt or corrugated sheet metal. Or nailed plywood.

    the M31 happens to be a sweet spot of sizing for many applications... Maths can be found for many variables all around, as can those variables. 

    There are other choices for coating, Silicons, Parylene, Gold, Rhodium... There's also Superglue and Sugru and Silver... And others... :L

    If you are not sure why/what the differences are between these coatings, you may need to do some more research and reading, I would suggest being able to teach and explain to someone else the differences of what/why you would choose one over another, before literally putting it into someone's body so that person can experience the consequences if something goes wrong. ^^

    The wiki definitely has room to grow, but it's starting to grow into a capacity to learn these things without referring to anything else. There is buckets of knowledge in these threads. :D
  2. @Zerbula
    I couldn't seem to find any mathmatical formulas or anything similar, however I'm bad at math. Like.... really bad at math. So I don't know if I was even looking in the correct places. Also I thought that the consensus on Sugru was "This is possibly one of the worst ideas we've ever had" and that hot glue would break down in the body.
  3. You are correct on the consensus between some coatings being dangerous... 

    TiN is well established ad being a very ideal coating for many reasons, including its durability, biocompatibility, thickness, and other properties which have been proven in time through both theoretical calculations and applied use in many different applications, such as in artificial joints and previous constructs of the m31.

    Parylene has demonstrated it's properties through use of pacemakers and other implants as well, such as implant-grade silicones and Rhodium. 

    Au has proven it's functioning capacity, but demonstrated it's weaknesses as well. So has Sugru... Don't use it.

    Understanding a magnets strength is a measure of the amount of magnetic material within the total mass of the magnet, how strong that magnetic mass is, and the amount of inert mass from the coating, can help give one an idea of the theoretical applications of certain materials and coatings. ^^

    In short, yes. There are many reasons for the m31 to be suggested, and they have been covered around the threads many times. The best answer to this question is literally just reading around. ^^
Displaying all 3 comments