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A possible M31 alternative?

I am aware of the fact that M31s are currntly being tested by @AlexSmith, but I was looking for an alternative source in case I wont be able to get the magnet from because it seems like there is way more people interested than there is magnets to go around. So I found this magnet and I think that after some testing it might be a good alternative.
Would love to hear your opinion.


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  1. Ummm this link makes me question there definition of "gold"

  2. What do you mean @mmuyskens?

    EDIT: If you mean that the coating might be a mixture of Ni, Cu and Au and not just pure gold I don't think that's the case. Because looking at other coatings they have some metals written twice. For example Nickel coating -> Ni + Cu + Ni. Which makes me believe The magnets have 3 layers; 1. Ni 2. Cu 3. Ni.
    If that's true, then the gold coating would also have 3 layers; 1. Ni 2. Cu 3. Au. Which would mean the magnet does indeed have a pure gold coating.

    I might be wrong. So please correct me if I am.
  3. You're probably right - probably still worth asking for clarification though.
  4. Yes, I just sent them am email asking them about the coating they use. I'll post it here when they answer.
  5. @tadejgasparovic Did you get an answer?
  6. @niilohlin No. They never responded to the email.
  7. Gold is very hard to get done right, and very soft. I would rather use parylene than gold my self. Plus the magnets you linked to have 1.5mm thick, I know in my girly thin hands a 1mm thick magnet is visible as a small bump. I know you think .5mm wouldn't make a huge difference but I think I would for you.
  8. I called the manufacturer and they told me that it was gold with a base layer of nickel.
  9. Yes, I'm aware of the fact that gold is hard to get done right, but If you bought 100 or so you would probably be left with at least a couple of good ones after testing them. And they aren't even that expensive. You can get 100 for $11. That seems like a reasonable price to me. And they also have 1.5 mm x 0.75 mm ones if 1.5 mm is too thick.
  10. I would be worried about the nickel layer under the thin gold.

    Nickel poisoning doesn't sound good.

    Headache, nausea, dizziness, irritability, and difficulty sleeping are the initial symptoms.  Then approximately 16 hours (according to the link above) chest pains, sweating, rapid heart beat, and dry cough.  It could be fatal if not treated or if misdiagnosed.

    I'd be more tempted to go with a parylene coated magnet than the gold one but there was another member who implanted the gold plated magnet.  Haven't seen any more updates on it so I don't know if it worked out long term.

    His comment about catching a cold didn't sound that good.  Hope it wasn't a reaction to the nickel coating under the gold on his magnet.
  11. @Birdhandz I agree that nickel exposure is bad, but so is rare earth metal toxicity if the parylene coating were compromised
  12. @misslitty Good point.  I have never seen the gold plated ones but I bought some parylene coated ones.  I purposely damaged the coating on one to make sure I could get a response to the test solutions.  I think the gold ones could get damaged enough to expose the nickel easier than the parylene but, as I said, I have never tested the gold plated ones.  It did take more than a light scratch of the parylene coating to expose the neodymium metal.

    The parylene coated magnets I bought were coated directly on the neodymium with no nickel or other coating so, if the coating did get compromised, you would be exposed to the rare earth metal.

    I haven't tried implanting any magnets yet and might never do it. 
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