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Magnet array?

So i got my first magnet implanted professionally. Now im wanting to do one my self but my reasons for doing the first one was to sense magnetic fields. So i achieved that. Im always wanting to push the boundries and experience the world in more ways (so honing those senses ect). Or doing things for utility reasons (id like to find a way to generate power passively and possibly if i can do enough research ect find a way to store it but thats a topic for another thread when ive done more research) So now I want to do another implant or two so i can gain some experience doing it my self but I cant think of anything to do. Would putting more magnets around the other one (out side their sphere of influance so as to not have them attract each other and cause issues) possibly improve the quality of the magnetic sense? Like would it work like a satellite array improves the 


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  1. not sure why it cut off (maybe something to do with at works terrible internet/computers?) 

    ...Resolution of the picture (i think it does that). Would it give a more 3d sense of where a field is originating from ect? if so then ill have to start looking at where else in the palm would be a good idea to implant it.


  2. I don't believe multiple magnets do anything to improve the sense - I'd probably just opt for one in my other hand if I was in your position.
  3. nope.  two magnets on the same nerve wont really add any additional sensation.  one on your ulnar nerve and one on the median nerve would be enough IMO, after that it'd be overkill.
  4. Thank you guys. 

    @ightden I was looking for this kind of a picture for a bit. I got the one in the ulnar of my palm so putting one in median would be the best bet then you would suggest? anywhere in particular? (alot of that area i think is for grabbing which i dont want to place a magnet in a pressure area) the webbing between thumb and finger would be the only place i can think of. agreed? 

    This is a really good pic thanks again, when i got mine put in this explains why exactly half of my ring finger was frozen which was so weird to feel. :D

  5. fingertips are the only place worth implanting imo because of the level of sensitivity, I prefer these two locations because your index/pinky fingers wont brush up against the implant site on a day to day basis.

  6. One question I have had is would the use of Nerve growth factor change this and make implanting in other areas feasible?
  7. Well thats what my heart was set on, was doing the finger tip but Samppa had a good point. that its alot more likely to break and cause issues there. So we had it put down in the ulnar section of my left hand just under the big crease. I can feel ALOT with it so sensitivity is very good. 

    @zerbula, i just seen that thread too and im also curious as to if this Nerve growth thing would be something i could obtain/acquire/use ect. its already Very sensitive, and i pick up stuff just passively all the time at work walking around but any improvement to that new sense id be all for.
  8. I've got one in each hand below the crease in the ulnar region, and honestly they've been the best I've had so far in terms of feedback and strength. The extra rooms means you can pack a slightly bigger magnet in there, which might have something to do with the improved feedback :)
  9. ya i got my first and only atm there and im shocked more people dont do it there rather then the finger tip. I may put a larger one in, in the future but at the moment im happy with my typical M31 If i get the money + time + confidence that i can add another by my self rather then professionally i think id put one in the webbing between the thumb and finger and see how that interacts (menally) with the ulnar one. In that i mean if it will provide a more... stereo type of sense especially when looking at say a breaker panel and each one has different strengths. I imagine it would allow you to differentiate different strengths of fields in a area of multiple sources. 

    Either that or ill do a RFID chip if i can learn enough about how to use it lol.
  10. One of the things I've been wondering is if it would be possible to have an array of micromagnets along the hand set up in a way that would amplify the signals to your implanted magnet. Something like an antenna but for magnets and "tattooed" on.

    The main stumbling block would be the fact that the position of the magnet isn't in a standardized position so any design would have to be individualized to the magnetic field of your implant, since the exact angle/position of the field would vary.
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