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Magnet in Boston ?


I couldn't make it to a magnet implant when I was in London :(
I am however going to Boston this fall, I googled magnet implants in Boston but didn't find anything

Does anyone here know about someone in Boston that has done magnet implants before and is willing to do it again ?


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  1. If you find out let me know :) As far as I'm aware you cannot get one in the state of Massachusetts, NH, ME, VT
  2. In Boston isn't going to happen, sadly. Local law makes any subermal work not done by an actual licensed surgeon for specific medical purposes illegal, and I've been told by some pierces that even carrying a scalpel can get them in some serious trouble.
    There is, however, a shop just over one of our state borders that'll give you Hayworth cylinders. A bus and a taxi can get you there. They don't wanna be known for doing the work and technically you gotta call them magnetic piercings for, yet again, more legal circus. I can dig their info up possibly! Or, try emailing some places around town and they can refer you :)

    Still trying to reach out RE a local chapter with other grinders and such, so maybe once fall rolls in we'll have someone who happens to be good with a scalpel and wouldn't mind doing a completely totally non-surgical favor for a friend.
  3. I've even talked to my sister who does tattoos and she says the same thing. I wasn't gonna drop that shop for obvious reasons. If I was on the Northshore I'd go there.
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