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Soon to implant! Few questions.

Will make it quick, and I appreciate all help in advance!

Performing in the near future, the next month hopefully. Wanted to ensure safety.

Will this work?:

Thought I'd spend a few dollars on this. Gold is seeming the best option I can find, was waiting for M31's, but after waiting half a year, deciding to go gold.

It's a 4x1mm gold plated N52. I read recently that saltwater is a viable solution to test for bare nickel. Is this true, and is it efficient?

I am currently researching... and researching... and researching... and have been for about 5 or 6 months now. Intending to use lidocaine, bought from cyberise, along with a tourniquet, and sutures.

How should I go about sterilization? Such as the workspace, and the magnet itself. Scalpel will be ordered sterile.

And any in-depth info you think I should know is much appreciated.

I will be happy to show pictures and recovery if anyone's interested.

Thanks again!


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  1. Firstly have you read the wiki on sterilizing? Yes you can use gold. Yes salt water will work. Patience is a virtue when waiting for a better option. If you must have one gold is a good bet with the lack of m31. I would try and locate one as similar to the 31 as possible obviously you won't find exactly that magnet. Boil tools at least 5min rolling boil. I wouldn't worry about the scalpel since it's sterile. Take pictures and remember AFTER CARE KEEPS MAGNETS IN.
  2. I had not thought to test the coating. How does this test work?

  3. You can use hydrochloric acid mixed with hydrogen peroxide as a testing solution. It works faster to produce nickel chloride with any available nickel. If the solution turns green, there's a breach in the gold plating.
  4. I have ordered the supplies.
    Gold 3x1.5mm neodymium magnets, found here:   In hindsight, I feel I should use the 4x1mm from the first post. I won't worry too much, but will the extra half a milimeter be problematic?

    I purchased the pain management kit and a disposable #15 sterile scalpel from Dangerous Things, and Benzalkonium Chloride wipes, for sterilization.

    I am following a few sources on preparation and procedure, including Augmentation Limitless, of course. And I think I'm in the waiting stage for the time being. Just research, making damn sure I am safe. Should return with pictures (at the least) in the next 2 or 3 weeks! Thanks again!
  5. Don't forget to test the magnet to ensure it is good.
  6. Memorize aftercare! Backwards! Then in Latin! :D Aftercare is critical. You aren't done when you successfully (as glims would say) finish sticking your meats back together. #_#
  7. Haha, of course. Magnets should be here sooner than everything else, will be testing them in salt water for a few days. And yes! Will take good care of my finger for many weeks to come. Thank you all! Will return in a matter of weeks with the good news!
  8. If you can document the whole procedure that would be awesome also. It never hurts to see how some one else does it.
  9. Great find on those those gold plated magnets! Ill have to get some for myself as well. Let me know what you find out with your testing and how well they work afterwards!
  10. Be cautious with gauss boys. I got a batch and they did not test out as being n52. Your experience will hopefully differ.
  11. I don't believe I have a way of testing the grade of my magnets. So long as the magnet is noticeable, I won't worry. Finger's crossed though!

    And I will certainly keep you updated! And of course, I'll try to put everything about the testing, procedure, and aftercare/recovery up afterwards.

    Once again, thank you all!
  12. Magnets are out of the water! However, I am cautious. They sat for three days in salt water. Only one of them (which I was fairly certain I had already scratched) rusted. I carefully tucked them away for the impending procedure. The rest of them seemed to be, shall I say, "golden". I will try and post a couple pictures (if I can manage) in a bit. But I was expecting less success. Any thoughts?
  13. I feel like a broken record....better careful handling it while implanting. You don't want to scratch it after having you finger cut open. Don't do any unnecessary touching of the magnet.
  14. Do not worry, friend! Don't think I'm playing with them. One did get scratched, that was a mistake. But I assure you the utmost care is being taken now on.

    Last things are being acquired tomorrow. Will return then!
  15. I wish you the most luck in the procedure. Don't forget to post pictures.
  16. If in doubt, find out the answer without a doubt. Even if this means 'educated risk', this is okay as long as it's understood. ^^ If in doubt while you're doing things, abort and reset. Don't just Yolo it. That's where stupid things happen. #_# All the pictures! And don't forget to sterilize everything. Including yourself in relevant situations.
  17. I know it's in about every post above this, and so it pains me to say, I don't have much in the way of pictures...

    But I will certainly post what I do have shortly, and take more as the healing process goes.

    I do have a magnet in my left ring fingertip! Success!

    It was a bit nerve-wracking (haha), but I do believe all went well. I used the pain management kit from dangerous things, along with a #15 scalpel from the same site. Supersaniwipes for sterilizing, well, everything. And a small pair of sterilized scissors, although I did not use them much.

    I started Cleaning and sterilizing the room at about 3:00 pm.
    At roughly 6:00, I began to sterilize the tools and magnet, and the field soon after, scrubbing with chlorhexidine a couple times.
    It was about 8:00 when I actually started injecting lidocaine

    The injection was rather simple, nerve block as per a certain blog, and a few videos.
    I honestly had a bit of trouble with the syringe at first. Which may have resulted in the loss of a bit of lidocaine.
    Even so, I injected roughly 1 to 1-1/2 ML into each side of my finger.

    About 10 minutes later, I applied my tourniquet, and attempted to make my incision.
    The first couple takes were rather painful. I did consider stopping, and acquiring some more lido for another time. But after a couple minutes, I could not feel a thing.
    I continued, cutting a bit deeper. The tourniquet certainly helped. Very little blood, nothing a bit of gauze couldn't soak up.
    Once I felt I was deep enough, I began making my pocket, which didn't go so well at first. I was having trouble getting under the skin, but I managed.
    I started carving it out, and the sensation was as interesting as it was made out to be. The pressure on the inside of your finger..

    It did take me a while, and a few tries to get the magnet in. I took the tourniquet off after about 25 minutes, cleaned up some blood, and after a moment, put the tourniquet back on.
    I managed to get the pocket deep enough for the magnet to sit. I did not try to push it, as to my knowledge, it's better to not be deep enough, than too deep.

    I took a small needle and fishing line, and had my "assistant" suture me up. Just one seems to be fine.
    The finger was then rinsed with sterile saline, dried, had triple antibiotic ointment applied, and wrapped in gauze and band-aids, and has been for about 12 hours now. I did change the dressing once, as it looked a bit bloody. I'm presuming this as expected, unless someone calls me out on it. Pain has been minimal, it kind of stings now and then, but I did kinda insert a scalpel and a magnet...

    And that is where I'm at! I am very excited to have this, and I appreciate everyone's help! As I said, I will post the picture I have, (which is of it a bit later) soon enough, and will take more as I take care of it in the coming days and weeks!
  18. The only concern I have is with the monofilament suture, but not sure if that's a bad substute. :o Nice job. ^^ Now for the fun part.
  19. So.. Update:

    I had no real problems for the first few days. Pain was minimal, didn't seem very swollen, I've changed my dressing regularly, saline, triple antibiotic, and gauze.

    Here is a picture from day 2, I believe:

    As I said, nothing notable about the first few days. I discovered my screen door is made of metal, and rather painful.

    I didn't see anything on night 5, but I woke up this morning, on day 6, with a small whiteish pocket of pus, on top of my magnet:

    I emptied the pocket, there was a decent amount, by my judgement, but it wasn't bloody. Thoughts?

    Not sure if the pictures posted, here is a link to day 6:

  20. Well, It doesn't seem to have gotten any worse. I did manage to drain a bit more from it, and I don't think it's refilling. I do believe the redness has gone down a little as well. Today is day seven, so I bought some butterfly closures, and removed the suture without a problem. I am going to give it a short while, to see what it does, in hopes of saving my implant. But if push comes to shove, I will happily remove it. If anyone has any thoughts, please let me know!
  21. Sounds like you coating has some pin holes maybe.... Yellow pus I know is a coating failure, wight I don't know about....
  22. Yellow puss is usually a red flag. Usually, but if a tiny fit of debris or something got in, that's not impossible. If you get more pus, definitely cut it out. Like if it's drained, cleaned, and you get another helping. Find out where it's coming from. >~<
  23. If you do remove your magnet please post pictures for the broad we learn a little more every time.
  24. I haven't received any more pus buildup. I will keep an eye out for it. I am taking ibuprofen to try and reduce swelling. I can't say I've noticed much change in the last 24 hours. Still a bit darker and swollen. When do you think I should call it quits? While I'm hoping I can save it still. I cetainly don't want to give it a chance to fester. And, if I must remove it, I will share some imagery with you all.
  25. If you get more pus, it starts sticking out, or it starts hurting bad... You'll know :s... Then take it out. It won't start doing anything disastrous if you visibly watch it and keep it sterile, and it isn't internally damaged. You'd know, unless your nerves aren't feeling in your fingers. >~< Just let it see where it goes. It MAY be stable and really touchy, but it might reject. Just take the best care of it you can and hope and sterile. ^^
  26. Well! This morning, it was beginning to look a little black, when I poked into it again, I received a little what appeared to me as bloody pus, orange-ish and watery. I then decided it was time to remove it. I apologize in advance for the terrible quality of this photo, I will post a better one later today:

    I sterilized a few tools and a workspace, didn't use ice much, but did at first. Slowly cut my finger back open, and began moving to the side in search of magnet. After a few minutes, I realized, that the magnet was a bit too deep. I had to cut a little farther to get it to show, at which point it stuck to my blade, which gave me a short-lasted "jolt" of pain. There wasn't any pus I could find, and the magnet looked ok, kinda hard to differentiate between a bit of blood and rust, but nothing obvious.

    I do believe it rejected due to improper placement on my part. It was too deep. But now that it's out, I do believe it is healing fine. And I will certainly re-attempt to implant one of my magnets in the near future, after this is nice and healed. Nevertheless, thank you everyone, and I will return with at least another picture, and perhaps another thread for next time!
  27. I suggest giving it another bath to test for issues with a coating also resterilize it (obviously) but don't autoclave. There is a liquid that can be used its floating around in a thread some where. I don't think it's iso but I could be wrong. @cassox will know how best to clean/test it again.
  28. No worries! I still have a bunch I never even touched, and I will be sure to test them again. I might even end up purchasing the 4x1's, as opposed to the 3x1.5's I have now.
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