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HackCon slides

Hi, sorry everyone, some of you may of noticed I just fell off the internet the last few weeks. The reason is because I was busy getting ready for HackCon in Norway where I was speaking last week. Sadly the conference wasn't recorded, but here are my slides if anyone is interested. I'll to catch up with everything I've messed in the next few days.


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  1. This is a nice slideshow. :o I do not yet understand all of the intricacies of RFID, but I saw things in here that introduce ideas. 

    If I may pose a question that I am not sure of being involved at all with the slides, but a question that I wonder still, being exposed to these chips;  What would it take to disable/corrupt/destroy one of these? Microwaves i think are supposed to be able to damage them, would X rays/MRI/solar flare wipe or damage these? Or is there other things?

    Sorry if this is a trivial question, just one I had just now, on the subject. ^^'

    Welcome back. :D
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