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Looking for m31 or m36

Hi Everyone!

Long time forum creeper, first time poster. I've been looking into doing my own implant for quite some time (about a year and a half now) but sadly I couldn't get my hands on an m31 while they were in stock at DT either due to job obligations or finances but now that it's winter, I actually have the time at work that I could take it easy and not have to worry about messing it up during the healing phase. I know at some point people were buying the magnets in bulk because of minimum orders and whatnot, and I'd really like to get either the m31 or the m36 mainly because I'm super paranoid about the coating of the magnets and also because I'm allergic to nickel and that seems to be the go to coating for magnets. If anyone would be willing to sell me one (through PayPal or something) it would make me the happiest person ever. I was seriously depressed when I saw that DT ran out and has no eta for the next batch :(


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  1. @Nutra I have a batch of m31s, just waiting to finish testing to make sure the TiN coatings are good enough, should be done in a couple of weeks :)
  2. Any idea on price + shipping to uk?
  3. $39 for magnet + $14 shipping.
    This also includes a chlorhexidine clearing agent, I have a plan for clinically sterilizing them, but it will take a couple of months before that's done, so selling them un-sterilized for now.
  4. @AlexSmith I am sure that more than a few people here would be willing to take them off your hands, myself included. 

    Is this a test run for potentially selling them on cyberise?

    Or is this just a private batch?

  5. @ChrisBot these will be available on as soon as they are tested. I just want to make sure the TiN coating is safe before I start selling them.
  6. @AlexSmith, you're the man!
  7. I'm also looking for an m31. I've been patiently awaiting Dangerous Things to replenish their stock, but who knows if that will ever happen.
  8. @AlexSmith how are you going to be testing the coating integrity?
  9. I'll get @glims to do the same testing he did for the coating of the original m31s. Basically:
    A visual test - look at them under a microscope to check the surface doesn't have defects
    A chimerical test - soak in Ammonia and Dimethylglyoxime solution to check for holes in the TiN coating
    A physical test - testing the physical strength of the TiN coating bond by blunt force
  10. Based on what we saw at Grindfest watching @Cassox run those tests, I think the chemical Nickel assay needs to be redesigned to be more rigorous and quantitative. Seeing as how this will be going inside people (and other TiN-coated implants probably will in the future), I think it should be a priority to develop a quantitative test. Here is my suggestion:

    1. Vortex magnets in the 1% dimethylglyoxime/10% ammonium hydroxide solution for a few minutes, and allow to soak for a few minutes afterwards, or perhaps even longer.

    2. Analyze solution magnet soaked in with spectrophotometer against the base solution for any changes in absorbance at the wavelength the solution becomes upon being exposed to nickel (a pinkish/red color I believe). 

    3. Perform positive control (exposed nickel magnet) and negative control (no magnet) to confirm it actually works.

    Spectrophotometers can be a little expensive, so alternatively you could use an LED/cuvette/photodiode setup and look for general differences in the amount of light that gets through vs. the control solution. Vortexers can be pricey but vigorous shaking can work as well. Cuvettes and eppendorf tubes are cheap.
  11. Woohoo

    Looking forward to ordering a magnet :D
  12. Talking AUD? Can pay by Paypal?
  13. @ChilliEye  USD, the site supports Paypal and bitcoin 
  14. I Must be thick it's there plain as day, US $. Takes the shine off a bit. 
  15. @AlexSmith I'm having my sister who's an RN assist me with the whole procedure. Granted she doesn't have much experience in body modifications, I trust her to help me with sterilization and sanitation so getting an un-sterilized one wouldn't bother me very much. My next check comes in right after Christmas, so if you'd wanna hold one back for me for about a week, you would literally make my year haha
  16. Been testing the magnets. About 1/3 have bad coatings, so I'm thoroughly testing every magnet to make sure there are no holes in the coating.
  17. All hail king Alex.

    Speaking of which, did you ever get around to coating those tags?
  18. Are you talking about the flexible NFC tags?
    The tags and silicone are sitting on my desk right now, but I'm waiting on some parts for another project. I want to do all the silicone coatings in one go.
  19. what sort of test(s) are you using to check the coating?  
  20. Looking great Alex. Please take my money, I need magnets!
  21. @ightden I've been checking them under a microscope to look for visible issues. Some have areas were the TiN coating was not applied during manufacturing, and some have chips broken out of the edges, possibly from manufacturing defects too, but I think most likely during handling two magnets have been allowed to snap back together and chip each other. All magnets with a visible defect are removed.

    I'm currently waiting for some dimethylglyoxime to arrive so I can do chemical tests to check for non visible holes in the TiN.

    thanks for the support MTS, but I'm sure you'd rather a little while longer until they have been fully tested, right?

  22. @AlexSmith, yah. Just wondering. Thanks
  23. Haha yes, and no prob @AlexSmith
  24. @AlexSmith Would you happen to have any M36s? Ideally, I'd like to get the M36 in my left hand in-between my pointer finger and thumb (Assuming it's stronger) for more broad fields and the M31 in my right ring finger for a bit more specialized feeling.

    I'd rather get both at the same time, so if you don't have both I'll probably wait for Dangerous Things to restock. The M31/36 sounds like the best possible, and as I want it to be permanent, I want the best possible.
  25. @Tolkien5045 I don't have any M36s at the moment, but I plan to have them in the future. Once I've got the M31s tested I'll start work on getting M36s. Sorry for the delay everyone, I'm still waiting for the dimethylglyoxime to arrive in the post.
  26. @AlexSmith Is there any rough estimate of when they'll be up to buy? Also, how many will be available and a rough estimate of the pricing? I am way looking forward to getting one of these and if it's going to be really limited supply I just hope I'll have time to pick one up before they're all bought out.
  27. I want to probably buy 3 m36 and 3 m31 when the batch comes out and if they're at a good price. Being in college and seeing the price on DT I think I'll only be able to afford one m36 though.
  28. I just noticed he says $39 up a ways, plus shipping, but I don't know if that still holds true. If it is, I would be able to buy one for sure as well as a prep kit from However, I have no idea how many of these will be up for sale and as such I would love it if we could reserve one for purchase. If we could reserve one, I would do it in a heartbeat, as I've been waiting for DT to restock for quite some time now.
  29. @Avio Once the dimethylglyoxime arrives I'll do the testing right away, after which point they will be available. Shipping time is somewhat unknown... pricing will be US$39 as mentioned earlier in the thread. I got initial test batch of 100, but already about 1/3 have been removed for not passing tests, I assume some more will not pass the chemical testing, so we may end up with only a few dozen, but I will get more, so don't worry too much about missing out.
  30. @AlexSmith Alright, sounds good. I'll wait and try to buy one up as soon as I possibly can. I'm assuming the shipping cost to the US won't be much more than to the UK, but I could be wrong.
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