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Licocaine for numbing the eyes?

For a project I have to numb my eyes (not both at the same time but one by one). Now a bit of research revealed that there are eyedrops containing lidocaine but they aren't legally available in my country. Anyway, I still have some 2% lidocaine solution for injecting. The indrigents are basically just saline + lidocaine hydrochloride 1 h2o. Are there any dangers if I drop (not inject ofc.) this in my eyes? Any hints how many drops I would need?


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  1. You need to use the "lubricant" eyedrops instead of saline. The lido needs some time to sit in the area and do it's thing. The lubricant eyedrops are more like a gel. Make sure you mix well.

    What are you working on?
  2. But I can't remove the saline from the solution, it's already mixed (the legal situation about lidocaine is a real mess here: I'm able to buy lidocaine 2% for injection purposes but can't buy it pure or mixed as eyedrops). Wouldn't it work if I put a drop, wait around 30 seconds, put another drop and repeat that a few times?

    Nothing that fits to biohacking, I just ask here as you guys are more open than the bodymodding scene. :)
  3. Yeah, no, 2% is what we get too. It just means you mix up about 50/50 and do it twice, that's all.
  4. Alright, thanks. Found a cheap product and ordered it.
    So two drops? How long to wait between the drops and how long after the last?
  5. eyeball tattoo?
  6. eyeball jewelry?

    Sadly, there is not strict protocol established yet for this procedure, since only a few of us did it, and then scratched it by changing our tools.

    Please let us know how it went, and if you come up with a repeatable method, please add it to the wiki.

    Last question, i think. When you say eyes, what part of the eyes do you mean? Does anyone know if you can do a local on an eyelid? that seems reasonable, if you are a skilled pro....
    (god please no one stick a needle in their eye)

    So this is what I made for the procedure. It's the equivalent of Akten.


    The brand Genteal sells a version with the comparable amounts of Hypromellose, Sodium Chloride, and Purified Water. The proportion you want is 35mg of lidocaine IN 1ml of gel.. unfortunately, you can't do it. The 2% lidocaine is only 20mg per ml of fluid. It's ok. There's a solution to this. So mix, 1ml of 2% lidocaine with 1ml of gel. You'll get a very loose gel. The strength is now 1%.. this is 10mg/1ml.

    Normally, you administer 2 drops to the eye. Because of the difference in strength though, administer closer to 7. Hold pressure at the inner canthus to prevent the fluid from draining and keep your eye open. Effects start in 5-10 minutes. You can reapply more as needed. This isn't medical advice mind you.. just explaining what I did.

    Normal disclaimer: Don't do this.. you'll go blind and die and all that fun.


  8. I tried to mix it but there's a problem: The gel itself becomes more like water when I stir it, so I can't stir the lidocaine in. Maybe I shouldn't have buyed the first cheap product. Any hints for good products (at best list the ingredients, not the product name). The one I have contains: Carbomer 980 2mg/g, cetrimide 0.1 mg/g, sorbitol, sodium hydroxide, disodium edetate and destilled water.

    //EDIT: Just saw the post about Genteal, will order it.

    //EDIT²: @Cassox is this the right one: ?

    //EDIT³: Or this one: ?
  9. Sorry man. While the second link looks like the product, can't confirm because of the language. The version you want is the hypmellose version. It will be thin after mixing, but still goopy enough to sustain contact.
  10. Sitting here in anxious waiting..... what are you working on?

  11. @Cassox

    So I guess it's the right one.

    @glims I really didn't want to say it cause in real life there are enough people telling me I'm crazy as I already tried it without numbing my eyes but eyeball tattoo.
  12. Ok. Well, I hear that is a very complicated procedure. Make sure you have someone who has some serious experience working on it. Eyes are really important...
  13. What are you putting on your eye for a tattoo? Different color?
  14. @glims Doesn't work as there's nobody doing this in my country and travelling to another country is too expensive for me, so DIY is all I can do.

    @Meanderpaul Just black.

    Tried it with the genteal gel but it's just as the other: Gets liquid while stiring. Anyway, I tried it and here's the result:

    (the red thing on the right side is mostly blood but also some color)

    As you see I start with little color as it will spread while healing anyway and I didn't want to put too much color in. Let's see how it looks in 3 months and maybe continue then. :)

    //EDIT: Any more ideas for numbing the eyes (for continuing and/or the second eye) ? The gel doesn't really work (well, it works but is very liquid so it doesn't work best) and also the lidocaine doesn't last long, esp. as I have to clean the eye with saline multiple times, washing the lidocaine out.

    //EDIT²: It's spreading faster than expected and even the blood looks great:

    Can't wait to continue this in 3 months.
  15. Hey guys! I was doing some research on the use of lidocaine for numbing of the eye. however I only have lidocaine with 1:200,000 epinephrine Iv tried finding research studies but there seems to be a lack of information in this topic. 
  16. Bad idea. There can be serious side effects including loss of visual acuity. I haven't calculated out the dosage but there's really reason to bother. Get lido without epi.
  17. Don't use dental lido because it almost always has epinephrine/adrenaline. If you can't get some lido from a doc or vet without it, there's other places where it's easy and inexpensive. I'm close enough to Mexico for a day trip and vials of lido are OTC there. Mexican pharmacies can get a bad rap, but I just stick with the bigger (Mexican) chains. My SIL is a nurse and she's willing to assist the lido part if I want an implant. There are several IOPs that sell plain lido in vials and other formulations. I know one that sells the ophthalmic solution specifically. You have to be willing to wait about 2 weeks due to shipping time, but it's worth it. I don't know whether it's kosher to link them here, but I know a few that sell lido and I've done enough business with them that I trust them. Researching and buying medication from IOPs has been my project for the past year after my dad's insurance stopped paying for his $7k/month cancer treatment.
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