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I was wondering if anything ever came from having cylinder magnets preloaded in an injector? I can't remember the thread it was in.


  • If I recall, there was success. :3
  • Lurking as im very interested in the idea!
  • @zerbula that's awesome! I wish I could find the thread because I have a feeling I missed pretty much all the stuff I was looking for. I recently started thinking about a cylinder in the outer side of my hand which would be a good spot to try that. I just don't remember anything on it.

    @nlmax this was tossed around last year but was appearantly forgot about. Unless it was deliberately dropped.
  • @Meanderpaul I was actually going to be doing some cataloguing soon, I'll see if I can dig things up. ^^
  • Cool I can't wait to see it.
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    Hey @Meanderpaul,

    The general understanding I personally have about injections is that they heal much faster, are a lot less invasive, have higher success rates, don't need anesthetic, don't hurt as bad, are a lot faster... As in the only reason they aren't mainstream is, IMO:

     B) One off injector, whereas knifes are easier to get.
     C) They aren't popular enough to have gained the background procedure down, not enough people do the thing to have concise write ups on it.


    Which spawns threads like this one... And they don't grow and just stay dead and OMG PEOPLE LETS START PUTTING TOGETHER A PROCEDURE FOR THIS SO IT CAN BE AN OPTION! Raaaaa >~>

    I found a couple threads though, have fun :D
  • Thank you for that I'll jump back into them. My only turn off would be the size of a needle.
  • Haha appearantly I was the last post on the big ass magnet thread. I may revive said dead thread.
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    @Meanderpaul, the firefly injectors would be the correct size for injecting 3mm diameter magnets, though you wouldn't want to try it with a thin disc (m31).  The m36, though, would work well with it.  Perhaps @AlexSmith would be willing to sell those injectors separately from the fireflies?  My only concern (and it was been a concern for me regarding injectors with magnets all along) is the idea that the magnet is going to stick to the inside of the needle.  While the needles are stainless steel, they're not the correct "flavor" of stainless to avoid that magnetic attraction.  That's problematic for two reasons.  Firstly, the friction of the magnet rubbing the inside of the needle could rough up the coating.  Secondly, though it is hardly a deal breaker, the magnet is going to want to stick to the needle as you withdraw it, so you'll need to apply pressure to the magnet to hold it in place while you withdraw.

    My own m31s were implanted with a needle, though not injected.  I used the needle to make the hole for the magnet, pulled the needle out, then inserted the magnet into the hole.  It worked very well and healed very quickly.  I would recommend needles for magnet implants over scalpels personally.  Having done both scalpel and needle implantations on my fingers, I can say, however, that the needle hurt more.  Others may well (and likely will) disagree.  All I know is that the scalpel implants didn't give me nightmares.  The needle ones did.
  • I was actually thinking that the magnet would stick to the injector. I was also thinking that maybe a two part system would work like a metal sleeve that can be removed and leaving a plastic secondary.

    The main thought of the whole injecting a magnet was not specifically about the healing but more for the fact that I don't have any real access to a person "qualified" to do this and I most certainly am not. My extent of experience is skinning animals and that's with two hand free and not on me.

    I will say this. Since I got my RFID I have much less fear of needles (mostly because I won't likely see anything like an RFID one again) but that firefly needle does have my heart beat a little faster. I wish I kept my RFID needle just as a tool Incase I did a needle to stick a magnet in.

    Again I would most likely put it in the outside edge of my hand. I believe birdmachine put one in the same area. I think it would have to be an m36 inorder to account for the less nerves in the location but I could be wrong.
  • I understand what you're saying about not feeling qualified, and I can totally respect that.  Keep in mind, though, that technically speaking, most of us are not qualified.  Before I did my first implant, I'd not even so much as gutted a fish, let alone skinned an animal.  The extent of my experience with using implements on tissue was using an knife and fork to eat a steak ;)
  • That actually makes me feel better after know what you have been able to do. Qualified in my eyes is simply some one who know what might be hit and how to kinda fix it if they do. I'm sure if it came down to it I'd probably do it just the thought right now doesn't really scream I'll do it. If I put money into a magnet and supplies I would feel obligated thus I'd suck it up.
  • FWIW: My 3x7mm magnet was installed in my ring finger with a piercing needle in 2013. No issues with it sticking to the needle and a very fast install. I highly recommend it.

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