Looketh Upon Me. Tis I Who Be Magneto.

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So I got my implant yesterday from the lovely @Cassox . It was covered in a steristrip from the getgo, but when I woke up this morning I replaced the steristrip and cleaned the surrounding area with alcohol wipes. I then bathed with a glove on, like a true badass and went to work for 7 Mhours (manual labor). I have to say, I had very little pain over the course of the day and was able to do all of my work with the remaining fingers. My stitches remain undisturbed. I took 400mg of ibuprofen and ice/elevated for 20min. The only problem I had all day was, since I work with food, I wore a latex glove while working, which made my hand sweat and loosened my steristrip. I just put a bandaid over it and replaced it when I got home.

Oh, one more thing. When I went to clock-in this morning, my finger started buzzing when I got it close to the machine to punch in. It's already extremely sensitive for the first day and I'm hoping it continues to increase.


  • Congratulations!  It is AWESOME (and scary) to see so many people getting implants.  I wish I was in the SoCal area.  Lots of awesome people doing awesome things out there!
  • Aye. Maybe us east coasters can get a sister facility set up out here, eventually.
  • Day 2. Cleaned with alcohol. New steristrip, with bandaid over. Still able to use hands freely. My clock out machine has become a guilty pleasure and only one of my fellow employees knows why i giggle so much when I use it.
  • 400mg ibuprofen.
  • New steristrip/bandaid, cleaned, a little sensitivity but no big deal, 400mg ibuprofen. Also, my laptop battery has some serious EMF around it and it legitimately hurts to get within a few inches, so I won't be doing that until I'm fully healed. Stitches come out tomorrow or sunday.
  • I just noticed the "magic" tag on the thread.  Nice :)  Glad to hear it's healing well.
  • Steristrip. Bandaid. Cleaned. No pain. 400mg of you-get-the-picture. Stitches out tomorrow afternoon.
  • Day 5. Stitches out. Trickle of blood. Cleaned with alcohol. Bandaid. 400mg ibu. No more important milestones, but I'm in the home stretch. Just gotta keep it covered for another 9 days and then I should be good.
  • Day 6. Cleaned. Bandaid/steristrip. 400mg ibuprofen. I'm going to stop taking ibuprofen after today because it's brought back my susceptibility to nose bleeds (I've always been very sensitive to blood thinning drugs).
  • Day 7/8 were uneventful. Kept bandages on, no drugs. Starting to increase sensitivity (I'm not intentionally using it, but I've noticed some things offhandedly). I can feel my clock out machine from maybe 8 inches away now.
  • Day 9. Cleaned, bandage. Noticed a little purple-ness in the finger and some tenderness, so since I have the next 3 days off, I've started 400mg ibuprofen again (I don't mind nosebleeds as long as I'm not at work) and I am going to take it easy on the hand-use.
  • Day 11. Got called into work, much to my dismay. Accidentally smashed my finger under a box (which hurt like fucking hell, you have no idea). Just imagine the weight of the box crushing my skin into the magnet and then into more skin, then bone. Ouch. So it got a little bruise on it, but after some ibuprofen, it seems fine. It just hurt like hell because of the sandwich nature of the implant. Other than that, bandaged and cleaned.
  • Day 22. It's fine. :)
  • Day 26. The skin around the magnet is starting to turn white like it's going to flake. This is pretty common for a cut this deep. Luckily, I cut the same finger EXACTLY a week before the implant in a different spot, so I can use that to base its healing progress. All in all, I'm not worried. No swelling, no pus, no pain. I would like a quick look over from Cassox while we're in LA, but just a check up.

    :) Looking good.
  • Day 28. Yesterday, the white portion of the skin bubbled up after a shower (it absorbed water, obviously) so I popped it and tore off the hanging skin. Today, it's just some new pink skin with a small border of white, dead skin that will flake off within a few days. It did heal perfectly, though. There's no evidence of a cut in the skin or any blemishes around the area. Silky smooth. By next week, I think it'll be indiscernible from any other finger.
  • Day 139. Magnet is very out of the way. I remember it's there every other day or so when my phone or some electronic buzzes it or when I touch something magnetic without thinking. Since the swelling went down and the scar tissue formed around the magnet, it has gotten at least doubly sensitive and powerful. I can feel so much stuff I couldn't before and I can lift large paperclips with ease. Before I struggled to lift even smaller paperclips, having to get them at a certain angle to even get them up a little. Now I just wave my finger near larger metal objects and pull them right up. Beauty. There is absolutely no visible scar on my finger. Upon close inspection there is a slight bump, but nowhere near noticeable. My hands have been in close quarters with lots of people without them noticing. All in all, a complete success. Thank you, @cassox .
  • Happy for you bud. Hope to have mine done successfully some time soon.
  • Day 330. Nothing to report.
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