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Science for the Masses (Cassox and Glims), and Cyberise.me (myself) have collaborated to create a professional quality RFID implant guide.

The guide is aimed at body modification professionals, the idea being that if your local body modification artist hasn't done RFID implants before, they can use this guide as a way to understand the procedure.
If you get one of my implants, it will include a printed copy of this guide, if you got your RFID from somewhere else, you'll need print it out yourself.

Or if you are determined to do the implant yourself, something I don't recommend from personal experience, you may also find the guide helpful.

You will notice that the guide is licensed under the Creative Commons open source clauses of Attribution-ShareAlike. This means that you can use, copy, redistribute and modify the guide for free, and even use it commercially, as long as you give us credit and share any work based on the guide under the same licence.
It is our hope that by allowing others to freely modify and redistribute this material, future works will also be open source, benefiting the community as a whole.

Here is a link to guide on my site, I've also edited the wiki so that others can find the guide later once this thread has been buried. 


  • Hi, I went to your site for the first time and something interested me - the temperature sensor chip, can you disclose how does it work?
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    I'm not sure how much detail you want me to go into, basically it is an RFID chip with a thermistor, a device which can be used to measure its current temperature, when you power up the RFID chip using induction from an RFID reader device, it gets the value from the thermistor, encodes it in binary and sends it to the reader, together with the ID of the chip, the reader then decodes the binary value and displays it as a number we can understand. 

    These are Dresden Fearing Lifechips with "Bio Thermo" tech, there is more info about them in these threads here and here.
  • Thank you, this is what I wanted to know
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    @AlexSmith, have you found a good place to implant the Bio Thermo chip yet? I remember reading through a thread on here about it being hard to get accurate readings from the wrist. I was wondering if you solved this problem because I would really like one of these chips. Thanks!

    And here's the thread incase anyone is interested: 
  • louisville13  I have one in my forearm, readings do fluctuate based on the temperature of the environment I'm in, but I think this is intended function.

    I.e. if it were to measure your core body temperature, it would hardly change at all, unless you were suffering hypothermia etc. 

    This chip tells you the temperature of the body part where the chip is implanted, if you move to a cold room, your arm cools down. what might be most interesting it to measure the temperature of your extremities relative to the surrounding air. i.e. are you burning more energy than normal?
  • Also, fluctuation based on environment is expected for even oral, axillary, and otic routes. The only really really accurate route to measure core temp is the backdoor. DirectorX was telling me about a project involving a heating unit and sitting in an ice bath... and measuring core temp... was it really core temp dude?
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