How to identify a compromised implant?

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I have a parylene coated cylindrical magnet in my left ring finger.
Yesterday whilst loading a steel scuba cylinder (weight ~60lbs/~30kg) in my car it fell on said finger not from very high but enough to be very painful. The finger tip is very still bruised and was quite swollen for several hours. It is also painful and slightly numb in spots.. all things one could reasonably expect from dropping a 60lb steel object on ones finger regardless of an implant.
There's no black spots nor any obvious damage that can I can feel through the skin.
The magnet seems to be fine...

What signs would I see if the magnet had been compromised? 
What should I look out for? 


  • most magnets start to break apart pretty quickly after being exposed to fluids in the body. This will cause a sharp drop in magnetism. Try taking another strong magnet and see how many playing cards (or whatever) you can put between the magnet and the implant before the external magnet just slides off. try the test a few times/day. If you see that there is a drop in the number of cards you can support then it might indicate that the implant needs to come out,
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