lovetron9000 (content warning)

I am afraid to say that my
haptic subdermal project has degenerated into a strange sub-project, which I call
the lovetron9000.  It is a low-cost, low-class grind.  This is
transhumanism at its apex!

Here it is in a nutshell: I’m
going to implant a vibrating subdermal implant just above my meat straw, on the
pubic bone. 
Yes, this means I will continue to be the
world’s greatest lover (eight years in a row in my income division).  It is a
crown that I promise to wear with zero humility. 

Here is what I’m working with
for components

  •  A 3v micro vibration
    motor, hacked from an old Oral B Pulsar toothbrush
  • Plastic straw
    (PVC?) from a disposable Bic pen for motor housing.
  • An induction coil
    hacked out of another broken motorized toothbrush. 
  • Solder and
    soldering iron.
  • Random bits of
  • Parts of another
    Bic pen for an on/off switch.
  • Hot glue gun. 

Now….the power supply.  Here is where I am having a problem.  I want this thing to run for 15-20 minutes at
a time.  In all honesty, that 15-20
minutes is really only going to be 2-3 minutes, but I’d like to design it to go
15-20.  I’ll probably use it 2-3 times a
week.  Any recommendations on a small rechargeable
power supply?  The motor is 3v, 95mA
max.  I wish there was a way to do it
with supercapacitors instead of batteries, but I can’t figure out a way to safely
discharge over a 15 minute period.

Also, Inductive charging is
my second choice. 
I’d really like to use
a kinetic watch winder to recharge the power supply.  How would I prevent over-charging?  I really want to avoid plugging something
into the wall, holding to my groin, and then trying to make pillow talk with an
already bewildered lover. 

I want to fit all of the
components into a super sturdy plastic (or titanium) housing which will feature
little textured nubs. 
This really brings
a new meaning to the term "Grinding".  Happy to
contribute.  ;)

Ideas?  Comments? 
Concerns?  Reservations?



  • OakOak
    edited March 2011
    I'm afraid that electronics aren't my thing, so I'm not really informed enough to make many valid contributions.

    That said, it sounds crazy dangerous. Unless you can make the whole thing very small, I'm willing to bet that there's a huge risk of the device being rejected. Additionally, if it's not super small, surgery would likely be quite dangerous - it sounds like you'd implanting it very deep, and if you're not perfectly sterile, infection in that area is going to go very bad, very fast. It would also need to be sutured really well.

    How would you eliminate risk of it shorting? If a device starts shorting inside of you around your groin, I can't imagine that it would be either pleasant or safe.

    Assuming all of these could be overcome, then it sounds like a very interesting idea. I'd be curious to hear follow-up reports from both you and your partner(s).

    EDIT: Also, awesome name.
  • @Oak: So far the design measures 1.5" x .75" x .25".  This is smaller than most subdermal implants used in body modification.  The area of incision is not overly tender.  The implant isn't going very deep.  It needs to stay close to the surface so that the vibrations aren't absorbed by excess tissue.  The whole thing will be sealed in silicone, so I'm not too concerned about a short.  If I can't turn it on, it will be removed.  The battery will be an issue in 10 years (optimistic).  All in all, I think it is a minimally invasive grind.

    I'll post some photos soon.
  • Huh. Yeah, all of that sounds rather reasonable.

    I thought of another possible concern, though. When I was doing a lot of research on implanting magnets, I'd read that areas around the magnet can get bruised if exposed to too strong of fields for too long due to the magnet pinching and pressing against tissues. I wonder if that would be a concern with having an object whose sole purpose is to vibrate and therefore press against tissues. Only one way to really find out, but I figure it's worth bringing up.
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    This is... interesting, even doable, possibly. Still, I have to say that this sounds more than a little dangerous.

    I believe I've already brought up my issues with subdermal batteries in another thread, but to summarise, I think the risks are just too fucking high.

    Also, I think surgery itself will be pretty challenging if you do it yourself, which you're going to have to; the magnets were one thing, relatively simple but this will be taking it to another level. You can set your hand on a table and have it in a normal position, for this you're going to have to hunch yourself over for the best view and this will move tissue around and flex muscles so there's the question of how much and where it will move so you don't have to cut yourself again to readjust. Best scenario would probably involve some degree of mirror use in surgery but then your going to have to practice doing the whole thing in a mirror. It just doesn't seem practical if you ask me.

    If/before you go through with this you should read some anatomy books, alot of anatomy books really, since you're not going to want to fuck this up. I think this goes without saying but I'd feel remiss if I didn't say it anyway.

    Despite all my concerns, you have my attention, I look forward to seeing where this all goes.

    Edit: Maybe just try doing a dry run to see  if/how this thing will actually work, maybe install it in your arm or leg first or something?
  • "@Fantomex: Maybe just try doing a dry run to see  if/how this thing will actually work, maybe install it in your arm or leg first or something?"

    That sounds like a wise decision.
  • I'm going to take the risk on the battery issue and I'm hoping I get at least 5 years out of it.  Hopefully a better solution comes around in the next 5-10 years.  Worst case scenario, the battery leaks and destroys my member.  Then I'll need a prosthetic.  God help them if that happens.  :0

    The target area is easily visible, so I won't need a mirror.  A body modification guy has agreed to do it if I choose to go that route.  He has done several cuts in the suprapubic fat pad area and says it isn't as painful as most piercings.

    I've been messing around with some of the ideas I've found in this patent:
    One of the things I like is the magnet in the solenoid for passive charging.  It uses a spring to suspend the magnet and bounces up and down when move around.  I've made my own version, but I can't find my damned voltage meter to see how much it is producing.
  • still prototyping
    I decided to use 2 motors which are located in the forks, which will point downward.  The section with the electrical tape is a solenoid for the inductive charging.  I've been experimenting with different power supplies and I think I've decided on a rechargeable 3v button cells which will flank the solenoid.imageimage
  • be sure to not exceed the batteries rated charge and discharge currents and voltages.
  • I ran across a website that has given me some good ideas and things that I hadn't previously considered.  If anyone needs any info on vibrators or teledildonics, qDot is your man and this is his website (NSFW):

    interesting stuff.

    its gizmodo, but still an entertaining article.
  • Have you considered using a wall plug in instead of batteries? They sell parts to make plug in rigs at some hobby shops or you could find one on the internet.
  • @nausicaa: Well, I suppose we could have the wall plug charge a capacitor, but I don't see the machine running entirely on wall current.  The capacitor would also have to be pretty big, as well, to provide enough power for 15-20 minutes.

    Another problem is that the plug, presumably, would have to run transdermal, which isn't really an option right now.

  • I've got some professionals interested in this project who are contributing to design/engineering/bioproofing.  I'll keep everyone posted once the final designs are done.
  • @DirectorX
    Excellent! I look forward to hearing about what comes of this.
  • Holy shit that thing is alot bigger then what I was ready for.....
  • @Bmbm873:  It's not that big, from the looks of it, it's just zoomed in a little.  If you scale it, it's not much bigger than one might expect.

  • "Holy shit that thing is alot bigger then what I was ready for..."

    That's what she said. (couldn't stop myself)

    It broke. I had fun breaking it though.The guy who was involved in the engineering for this project has dropped out, so I'm back to the drawing board. If anyone wants to help they are welcome to. We were last working on a pancake vibration motor with button cell rechargeable batteries. I wish there was a way to do it with a power coil or something that could be manually cranked.

  • +1 for pancake (if the direction of the forces produce the desired result)
    -1 for button cells, most are very-low current rated, you would wear them out by exceeding their rated current, recharging would take ages,too. a good and only slightly bigger alternative are the batteries used in those tiny model helicopters.
    you can also charge them rather fast and they store a lot more energy ~100mAh.

    i highly recommend a battery protection IC. i dont think i need to tell anyone what can happen to li-cells if you exceed their ratings, (if someone doesn't know, search for lipo destruction on yt.)

    the battery management and inductive charging would be a great addition to other projects. tell me if you need help with it, i am looking into it for the southpaw so we could streamline the modules for maximum re-use-ability
  • RE the people going "that thing looks kinda big to implant" stuff, it's no bigger than the subcutaneous penile implants that people can get for erectile dysfunction (they're like penis pumps, but under the skin) - por exemple: 

    PS @DirectorX, would that video be at all helpful in figuring out the procedure? The location/entry cut for the implant in that video are similar to where you're planning to put your vibrator, right? Except yours would be left closer to the surface?

    Oh, and, if you get around to really doing this, good luck and godspeed. You are a brave man for wanting to operate on yourself around the jewels :p that said, this sort of thing could make the general populace take more interest in subdermals and h+ in general. Whilst lots of people are like "ew why would you need magnets in your fingers that's just weird" (thinking about the flak Lepht gets), because they don't really see any advantage to it (no curiosity!), I can imagine a LOT of dudes hearing about this and wanting to give themselves vibrating penis superpowers too... so amusingly, this sort of thing is likely to make people see h+ in a much better light :p
  • @Erinaceous: Yes, that is where I planned on putting it. That was a good video, thanks for posting it. It gave me an idea too! I could actually keep a power supply in my scrotum and run a wire to the device itself to minimize the size of the implant. The scrotum is stretchy enough to house it. I might be able to add a dynamo or something on there so I can manually pump charge the batteries instead of relying on inductive methods. Even better would be an all mechanical device like a seesaw or something.

    I can see a lot of people wanting to get it done too. I've talked with body modification people and they will buy the hell out of them if I can build a good device. I had an engineer who wanted to help out, but he dropped off the face of the earth or something because he isn't responding to his emails anymore. So yeah, the offer still stands if anyone wanted to collaborate and share proceeds.

     <if you build it, they will come>
  • @DirectorX: Congratulations, that's the worst pun on the site. Possibly the worst one that will EVER be on the site. You deserve some sort of medal. ",)
  • @DirectorX:  If this project is still back at square one, I would be able to help out, once finals are over and I stop being busy.  I should warn you, though, that I haven't taken engineering classes in ages, and I'm a fairly crap engineer.  That said, I'll help out with whatever I can.

  • Bumping this because it's totally awesome.
  • Just wondering whether this is to stimulate you, a partner, or both?
  • For my partner mostly. One fear that I have is that the extra sensation might be too much for me. I'd hate to last only 2 seconds, since my partner is accustomed to at least 3 seconds.
  • hello,
    it's nice to see that someone else also working on this kind of project. i've been working on it with professional ppl last 7 years and finally now recently we managed to solve many major problems what we had before. one was a battery as we tried supercapacitors etc, but none of them were good enough and they definitely weren't reliable enough. however, we got 35min running time with custom made thin supercapacitor. but we had may other problems with those capacitors, example they started leaking etc.

    also about the kinetic generator, watch kinetic generator doesn't generate enough power, so u won't get any benefit of that. we made prototype of kinetic generator(which was presented in bizarre magazine couple of years ago) and we got way more power out than southampton university with their mini kinetic generator. problem with our kinetic generator was, that too many mechanical parts what can cause failure and also we needed almost 1W output, and with so small device it's pretty much impossible to get.

     anyway, we expect to have first implantable prototype ready by next summer. first one will be LED-light implant only, but it uses same platform than our vibrating implant, so pretty soon after that we can make vibrating implant prototype as well if LED implant won't show any problems.
    i wish i could give u some advices, but unfortunately i can't as i've been working on this project since 2000 and i feel like this is my baby, so i dont want to share any technical information. but if u can't manage to finish ur project, im more than happy to implant u my vibrator when its ready ;)
    if u want to chat more about this, please email me [email protected]
  • samppavoncyborg I'll send you an email when my prototype (attempt 6) is done. If it doesn't work I will be emailing you for sure to get your implant. I designed one for females too, but I need a lot more female feedback before I start building it. Historically men have made some very bad designs for female anatomy despite having good intentions, so I probably need more research.

    We have one method for charging that is working in a different device, the HELEDD, which has LEDs, pulse monitor, some other features. If all goes well we will aim for implantation within 30 days. This is an open source project, so you can use anything that looks useful when the design is released.
  • Glad to see this is still alive. I'm really, really curious to read about how it turns out. If it gets high praise after test runs, I might consider it for myself.
  • Hi, I really like what you are doing you can't imagine how much such an invention could help me and people with anejaculation problem and may be SCI to help us ejaculate through a vibrator implanted in our body there's what we call PVS Penile vibratory stimulation .. it helps people with BDSM or Anejaculation to ejaculate through a vibrator that would solve the problem of my life I hope you succeed and help us get over this problem .... I hope the implant works
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