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I am new too magnetic implants. I will be attempting the injection method soon and this is my diary so far I've purchased. 

I've purchased a sterile field, which comes with.
  • 1 x Field 50 x 49cm PE Blue
  • 1 x Transparent Dressing 6x7cm
  • 2 x IV Site Labels 
  • 1 x Tourniquet
  • 3 x Non Woven Swabs
  • 1 x Prep Swab 2% Chlorhexidine 70% Alcohol
  • 1 x Dressing Towel
  • 1 x Multi Strip Wound Closure
  • TGA Approved ARTG 160964
  • Wrapped in Peel PackSterile  

and my ptfe coated implant (this is an implant right I got it off someone elses thread on this forum.



  • just to bring it to your attention. magnets with thick ptfe coating were found to result in rather poor sensitivity. probably due to the fact that the force of the magnet is spread over a larger surface area of the ptfe, resulting in less pressure changes in the skin layers. if you are keen to try, at leas the ptfe should not bond to the tissue so removal should be easy compared to parylene.
  • mivck210, I would advise against that magnet. PTFE is great, but since ptfe coatings require heat, I can conclude that the magnet isn't a very high grade one. Neodymium is very heat sensitive, so they usually use Samarium Cobalt for lab stirrers. It's a much weaker grade of magnet.

    Also, an injection really isn't all that invasive. That's the beauty of it. The only thing you'll need out of that IV start kit is the chlorhexidine.

    Not trying to be a naysayer at all though. If you decide to go ahead with this setup, please give us updates.

  • It worked fine for the other guys who tried it.
  • Really? Point me to the discussion? I must have totally missed that thread man.
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    I hope it doesn't get infected lol But if you can pick up magnets and stuff.
  • Interesting. There seems to be a lot of interest in the injection method. As B King mentioned in another thread, we are going to try to collaborate on a really good injectable version when possible.
  • Yes, I'm waiting to reimplant mine while I look into different options for the magnet shape and coating. @Cassox is working on things much more important so it's shelved for now though, and if all goes well with the infrared experiment, I will look into it as an interesting hack to attempt, I was already planning on switching to a predominantly Soylent based diet as is. If I understand it correctly, the main thing is replacing the Vitamin A with Vitamin A2, which is done via Soylent, because the way the eye processes it, as far as I understand it. Anyway, when I reimplant my magnet, I plan to make a much more informative video than my first one, since I'm much more prepared, having done it once before ^_^ at least I explained it well enough to compensate though, seriously I'm very disappointed with how my first video turned out.
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    apparently steve haworth sells cylindrical magnets.
  • Yes but they're about US$100 each ... 
    When my piercer bought his magnets from Haworth, he had to charge NZ$310 for the implant. Now he's sourcing parylene-coated cylinders from the same lab that Haworth gets his from, the procedure is NZ$160 cheaper.
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