Crispr-Cpf1 HElLP PLEASE!

So, news around town is that Crispr-Cpf1 works better than Crispr-Cas9 systems, as the protein is smaller and can fit in more places, it’s smaller not only in size, but in base pairs, so it can fit in viral vectors better, and doesn’t require all that Crispr-Cas9 requires. Even the PAM is more desirable.

Would it make sense or be feasible, to design a phage for Prevotella (has cpf1) that contains the virus of choice, and allowing the virus to make its own gRNA and molecular scissors, separating that plasmid and using that to turn into a AAV virus for therapy?

For instance, can one use BX795 or another inhibitor to lower cellular immunity, say a gel of Bx795 in the vagina and applying a Crispr gel, allowing Crispr to do its job without the body trying to defend against its Cas9/Cpf2 systems?

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