Magnet too shallow or not?

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I implanted a 2x1mm N52 disc magnet into my finger 3 days ago.

When I was closong the incision, the magnet was nicely placed inside the pocket with the skin being fully closed. However, I noticed that the skin on the edge of the incision has dried up and now the magnet is visible, and I'm afraid that it's going to push out as the wound heals.

Here's a picture of how it looks:

Should I reinsert it just a little bit deeper? (I'd like to avoid that because I don't have any anesthetics)


  • Tried it and failed. Even after making the pocket go deeper, the magnet stays in the same place, because the skin has already healed around it and copied its shape.

    I can only hope it it won't reject now
  • If the magnet is visible then it is going to reject. This is why part of the standard implantation procedure is suturing the wound. At this point I would suggest removing it, letting your finger completely heal, and then trying again. Just leaving the open wound is providing a pathway for infection into your body.

  • I'm going to leave it in and see if it pushes out. I'm still keeping hope that it won't. I know how to prevent infection and it's not even open anymore by the way.
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