Glowbugs and 3X1mm Samples

Ok, so I opened up the submission form on AugLim for the next batch of magnets. There are two types - 3x1mm finger magnets and the new Glowbugs. These are the ones which glow after exposure to light. I'm going to be bringing a batch to Defcon so I figured I'd offer some on the boards again.
These are TiN units sealed in a capsule of PMMA.

The 3x1 units are 50 plus shipping. The glowbugs are 80 plus shipping.

Just follow the link:


  • Are these modified SMM magnets with their respective additional coatings? The luminescent ones seem really cool.
  • Nah. I've done a number of batches of TiN magnets. TiN over NeFeB nearly always fails before two years. This is why I'm a tad concerned with people implanting them.
  • Fantastic, I am very interested in one of these. Really appreciate all you do for the scene

  • How much testing have you done on the Glowbugs? They seem like a really cool thing to implant—like a magnet and Firefly tattoo rolled into one—but I’d be interested to see their track record, if any, in terms of healing/rejection before thinking about buying.
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