Looking for info regarding correct rfid/nfc implant to get..

Hello all. First post. Already got a magnet in left hand, had it for nearly 3 years. Looking to get a rfid/nfc in right hand between thumb and hand to use at work.

The cards we use at work is hid mifare m1p. Can anyone recommend which implant and card reader/writer to purchase from preferably cyberise.me or dangerousthings.com?


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    DT has a forum also, questions like this I saw they get a better response there.
    As for readers I'm also in such a dilemma...
    But from DT, the xM1+ sounds like the one you need imo...

  • Thank you rodanco! I'll check out the DT forum as well!

  • Clicked join group! Thanks for the invite! I dont actually have an rfid implanted yet though!
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