Some Questions On NFC Implantation

I am relativley new to the biohacking scene and recently ordered my first implantable NFC chip from I had a few questions for the veterans out there the first being is it nessecary to have a body artist implant the device or can I do it myself. I have seen people do it on youtube and it does not look that hard assuming I have someone tenting my skin but they all seem to have a significant amount of knowledge when its comes to this stuff. I am not an adult and as such I dont think I can hire a body artist so self implantation may be the only way to go for me unless I abandon the project all together. My second question is if I do go through with the self implantation is some form of numbing agent necessary or will I be okay with just some ice and a rag to bite on. Lasty, if I do self implant, how difficult is it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


  • I think you don't need something to numb. I got the X2 in my left hand, the xEM in my right hand an the xBT in my upper arm. It was like for me: "That's it" I just feel a little bitin the upper arm - but every injection from a doctor hurts more :)
    I got all my implants from a body artists.

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