24 hours later, and still numb??

So I did my implantation yesterday. First time with lido. I injected .5ml on one side, then .5ml on the other. However, the second side was far too shallow, and wasn't getting numb, so I used another . 5ml on the second. I then waited a few, and added 1ml to the fingertip away from the injection site. I had some difficulty with the tourniquet as well, so spent a good deal of time tugging on the rubber band. Anyway, it numbed up fine, and the procedure went cleanly, but 24 hours have passed and the entire ring finger is still quite numb.
Looking around online, it seems that that is a thing that happens with lidocaine and nerve blocks from time to time. Apparently it almost always goes away on its own and without any permanent effect , although the reports of how long it takes vary. Wondered if anyone around here had any knowledge or experience on the effect. Thanks.


  • Question: what do you mean by "quite numb"? Is it less numb (which it should be) than before?

  • Yes. I can feel, for instance, a light touch on the fingertip now, but things are still less sensitive than normal, and in some spots a light touch can't be felt. The finger is pretty tingly and lightly pins-and-needles.

    I'm pretty convinced it's nothing permanent, but I have less certainty of what kind of timescale, nor how to avoid it in the future.
  • Yeah. Don't sweat it. It happens from time to time. People get pretty terrified but as of yet I haven't heard of anyone slicing through a nerve.. How long did you have the tourniquet on?

  • Ohh, something like 40 minutes. I didn't have any ominous discoloration, or anything. I'm really not too worried, but it's inconvenient in the meantime, so wanted to seek out any kind of timetable.

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    u probably left it on way to long
  • @Rytcd I had a similar situation(wasn’t as long though.) I think it might be amplified by nerve damage but eventually it goes away and the nerves eventually grow back.
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