Implanting as a teen

So to start off I am a teen and I am interested in becoming a biohacker/grinder. Now I am probably not going to get an implant until I'm older, but my intrigue with the opportunity I have right now is almost overwhelming me. To get to my main point, if I implanted a magnet at this point in my life what effects would that have?
My current theory is that I would (if implanted properly) gain greater feeling over time as my body would develop around it. The main issue of that is that I would have to be sure the magnet coating will last a long long time because it will be harder to remove. I'm not entirely sure if I want an implant yet but I'm pretty sure I do.
Another issue that I am sure I will encounter is who will implant it? I do trust myself because I have steady hands and dann near perfect hand eye coordination. I also have a really good pain tolerance. But should I trust myself with such a precise procedure. And if I don't implant it, who would because I seriously doubt someone would implant a teen without serious money which I do not have. Anyway I just wanted to see what everyone thinks about implanting as a teen and the repercussions of it.


  • I think getting a magnet or an other bodymod under 18 wouldn't be possible. The bodymod rules are very strict, and I think no one would do it to a person under 18.

    Maybe it is possible to get a RFID Chip like the xNT or xEM - and then your parents must sign it.

  • From a medical standpoint, there aren't any extra health risks with getting an implanted magnet or w/e as an adolescent. As long as you meet all local regulations on bodymoding (which vary greatly from place to place) I see no reason why you shouldn't.

    You should avoid any nootropics or other chemicals, however, as they may have an adverse effect on your development.

  • I strongly suggest you talk it over with your parents or a doctor. Personally I wouldn’t cut open anyone under 18 to implant something. Too many liabilities there in my opinion. Make sure the person doing the body mod has all sterile equipment and has a good reputation.

  • Yeah. The main issue is liability for the person performing the procedure.
  • I got my NFC Tag at 16, but magnet implants have a whole set of issues and have a considerably higher failure rate for any number of reasons, especially with longer periods of time. I think it should be avoided, but if you want to get into the Biohacking scene first hand, see if you can get an NFC tag, and see how you like it.

  • I’m in they same place
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