No more fear?

Is there any commercial drug or chemical which limits or removes fear in a human mind? Apart from obvious ones like alcohol and LSD.
I'm looking for something which allows clarity of mind even while on this drug. Does it even exist?
All other miscellaneous info about fear in humans in general is welcome
Thank you all in advance


  • Hehe.

    I would very much suggest psychology research, rather than drug therapy, from my own personal observation of how stress, anxiety, and trauma are processed and managed.

  • Any specific study that would aid me in my research?
  • I am unaware of any drug that specifically reduce the effects of fear within the bounds of what you have set. Frankly I am not sure you would want to, fear is a great tool for the human mind to have. Fear of pain has saved my bacon more than once. Now if you would like to reduce the effects of anxiety there are some options that aren't strictly chemically related. TMS (Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) has shown some evidence of treating anxiety with repeated treatments.

  • Yeah. You know a really interesting field to check out is sensory psychology. It's really heavy on physiology and objective measures. I've long thought that grinding is dropping the ball in the psychological domain. There a lot of potential in things like biofeedback, memory techniques and the like.
  • Fear is too much of a high level function to treat pharmacologically really. It has a lot of components that aren't physiological. I mean, anxiety is one aspect but even benzodiazapenes don't touch existential dread or like an identity crisis. There are drugs that can stop fear though.. theyre called anesthetics. If you're unconscious you show none of the behaviors associated with fear.
  • Thank you all for the help rendered, i will continue with my research
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