Sucessful impant of a $2.80 868 Byte NTAG216 animal NFC chip

Am really interested to see how MultiPassSecure and VivoKey turn out, but didn't feel like waiting. The FlexNF/FlexDF implants are very cool but have a more involved implant procedure. Other than those it seems the best current gen implants are based on the NTAG216.

I found some very cheap Star NTAG216 animal chips for $2.80 USD each ($28/10). There were some on alibaba for cheaper, but with higher minimum orders (although some sellers would send a sample for potentially less)

It was my first DIY implant, made sure to have the right supplies and get the process down. Seemed to go very well although it's still only been a few hours. I can scan it consistently and very quickly, but only because I spent a while working out where my phone's antenna is and the best orientation.


  • 13.56MHz, phone readable
  • Relatively large at 868 Bytes
  • Comes preloaded in syringe (you can get them separate also)

  • Not intended for human use

  • Parylene coated

I have some spares, am happy to send them for cost+shipping. Unless you live in NZ it's probably cheaper you buy direct

Happy to answer questions/take pics also.

Disclaimer: I can't endorse DIYing or implanting anything not intended for humans


  • hello

    This site is a bit confusing... they write: Animal Chip: 13,56 MHz - you can register it at Tasso.
    What ??? The Animal Chips works with 134 khz - Low Frequency, and they have only a number on it - you can't program them. People who didn't know that, would chip their pets with this chip, and they can't add it to Tasso.

  • I agree, pretty confusing. They also said bits instead of bytes.
    The packets are labelled as FDX-B compliant like in the video, but you're right that does sound wrong.
    I don't think this model is listed on the manufacturer's site

  • Maybe they can sell it a bit cheaper, when they label it with animal-id I can't find it on his homepage too - I was just looking around.
    I have the flexNT - it is amazing. I got all my implants done by a piercer or bodymod.

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