Grindfest 5 - Beyond the Thunderdome in Space - the Musical

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UPDATE: The dates for GF5 are going to be May 3,4,5 of 2019. Please make sure to sign up on the event page if you intend to come. It's not up yet so I'll definitely put up a reminder when it is. Things we're hoping to make happen:
Giant inflatable buildings
An improved S-Knife arena
More workstations
An improved firepit lounge
A sleeping bag buy-in
Much, much more.

Once again, even if you've never actually been to grindfest you can join the planning group on the Slack boards. Thanks!

ORIGINAL TEXT:Hey, it wasn't my idea. Anyhow, I'm working on a write up regarding the last grindfest. It was the best yet. We had a ton of fun, great food, and most importantly we got a lot of grinding done.
I'm opening up a thread to start brainstorming for next year. I think that setting times for volunteers worked great and hope to do it again.
The electric knife fights were fantastic. The new knives were a significant improvement. I got a really awesome uranium glass knife I'll be turning into a trophy we can record the winners each year. Also, remember you're free to make your own to bring.
We're staying to hit the limit of the facilities. 50 was pushing it. So we're going to need to make some solar showers and whatnot. I hope to make a temp structure large enough for every one to sleep in.
Well also be holding a sleeping bag prebuy. If you're intending to sleep at the lab and don't want to have to bring a sleeping bag, we can get one delivered for you from Amazon.
Feel free to share any ideas or comments you have. The dates aren't decided yet but it'll most likely be a few weeks later so it's a bit warmer.


  • Couldn't make it last year, but hoping next year!

  • Same as Hunter, I really hope to be able to make it next year! This year I was out of the country for a work conference, this year I'll book the time as soon as dates are decided.

    A comment about the dates: I teach at a university, the dates that you have been holding it work okay but if you push it into May it may become a problem colliding with final exams for anyone who is involved with teaching or taking classes.

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