Merging humans and computers: 24/7 two way feedback applications ideas

Very interested in human-computer interaction and strongly believe that humans will eventually merge with computers in a way that we will take computers as our "other limb" which can get done anything. As we empowered our muscles with steam engines in industrial revolution, now we are in front of seamlessly outsourcing our brain work towards computers. Furthermore, it can enhance or add senses, which was also discussed on 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone podcast. I strongly recommend to check out the whole podcast series - very cool stuff.

Currently, I am trying to make first steps towards this human-computer fusion and building a prototype which allows for two way feedback between a human and a computer (human input: either voice, touch, movement; computer input: audio, vibration, other) at all times. Roughly it looks like a pair of headphones. I have built multiple applets for the device and now I am brainstorming on further ideas for the apps and would love to hear if you guys have some experience with automating your life through smart handbands or some similar device or you can imagine this being used in some scenario.

What I have built so far: 

- a seamless note taker - when I listen to podcasts and go biking - press a button, device takes voice input, transcribes it to texts, appends it to Evernote notebook.
- Interval training coach
- QR trigger
- Control for Hue lights
- ... more in making

The possible uses for such a device were discussed in 2 Cyborgs and a Microphone as well, so I am interested in hearing your ideas. It can be combined with magnets, RFID in any way. Therefore, I am super interested in how you use your magnets, RFIDs for what tasks to get done. The software is quite simple and flexible as I want to release it to the community and allow people to build whatever they think it is cool. The project is open-source, I am finishing the second prototype and if anyone is interested, let me know and I will share more stuff.

Looking forward to your ideas/suggestions

Cheers :)


  • I like the idea of being able to take notes at the push of a button. A lot. I use Evernote a dozen times a day but I've never heard of anyone using a button to activate a voice→text note. That's awesome. I may have to copy that when you release instructions.
    I made a wearable chording keyboard so I could walk and write. The problem there was learning the chords. Most of the time, I don't want people to hear me speaking so that was more appealing to me than voice→text. There was a thread on here about subvocalizing and converting to text but I don't think anyone succeeded.
    Are you using the stock camera for QR triggering? Do you have it connected to a phone automation program like Tasker or IFTT? Have you looked into head-mounted displays or do you need something more discreet? I would like to hear more about the hardware in your setup.
  • This might sound a bit unenthusiastic but a two-way feedback system between a computer and a human sound basically like every single HMI ever build. Like keyboard, soundcard, screens, beepers, indicator lamps/LED, mice, pager motors, touchscreens, buttons, dials, etc. Instead of a HMI (human machine interface), wouldn't the focus of interest rather be BCI (brain computer interfaces) ?
  • @McSTUFF
    interesting stuff! Where did you have the chording keyboard attached? Yes, stock camera, the device is connected to a phone which handles all the calculations. Yes n.2, it is connected to automation programs. Currently, not looking for head-mounted displays and focusing on audio. However, definitely an option as there are no barriers.

    The device: audio output with open ears, controls for sending input to the phone and subsequently triggering actions. Actions can be custom made.

    No worries at all about the enthusiasm, there is plenty over here :D Your comment is 100% true and that is indeed the aim of the project. To think about something and it is done. No buttons, no HMI needed. I only believe that we are not there yet to create a meaningful BCI and this is currently the closest we can get towards that future. Using something as Neuralink is the ultimate goal. 

    The question is if we would have Neuralink today what would we use it for? I think this is super interesting to think about and we cannot even comprehend how our lives would be different. Any ideas? :)
  • Wy just merge if you can implant it right into your DNA ??
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    Riurao mind sharing how you believe that implant would take place in the first place let alone how it will work when the subject matures/is born? What is the method of communication between the brain and a computer? Exactly what would you implant in the DNA?

    CRISPR technology is actually far from complete and almost any genetic modification is currently not feasible.
  • DNA sensors, some people are already working on it  . The ODIN project  ( Josiah Zeyner) web page, had some time ago, or i do not remember exactly where a project to personalized the sequence you want to (DNA sequencing plus CRISPR technique) , I guess that due to different issues they have removed it from his web page. It wasn´t cheap anyway, I remember it was around 5K bucks
  • you could intergrate a northpaw/sense typed thing in, you wear a band that buzzes your head where north is
  • also in terms of dna data storage i would say that you use ACTG as different numbers like in binary but instead of 0 and 1 you'd have 0, 1, 2, 3 then using that
  • I think once we nail down the magnet coating issue, we'll be able to do more of this sort of thing, but I think, at least for the moment, that using magnets as our main vector for data input would be a wise idea. I believe that there was a thread on "invisible headphones" which utilized a magnet mounted on the tragus and coils to do audio input, but I think the rejection rate was high-ish. @Cassox can probably correct me on that. It's still an HMI, but it's closer than we have been in the past.
    When I (eventually) get around to sourcing the component I need for a project I've been working on for awhile, I may be able to offer something a little more enticing then magnets and vibrators. Anyone interested in expediting that process can help me find an ultrasonic transducer that operates in the 1-10 MHz range, and has a hard power output limit of 1 Watt or less. Something less than half a watt would work too.
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