Smaller magnets....

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Just out of curiosity where is every one that has been talking about smaller magnets hearing all this information about them? Obviously this site has a good few people poking at it but is there some place else?


  • I have a smaller magnet is my left middle finger, 1mm x .5mm it kinda sucks to be honest. its n52, but its so small that I can only feel other magnets and definitely not pick anything up. I cant even feel metals a little bit.
  • Did you choose it for that finger because it's a smaller area.
  • So I just bought some neodymiums from Michaels (no I'm not implanting them and neither should you) and have one taped to my finger.

    I went over to my microwave(stainless) and turned that bad larry on and ran it around the thing. I didn't feel anything till I made it to a corner, just one, and it was weak but very interesting considering I don't have an elusive m31 or local install person.

    The magnets I grabbed are for a separate non bio hacking project but I got curious. They are 1/4" X 6.3mm for anyone wondering.
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