Review of my proposed implant procedure

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First of all, all the supplies are here:
If anyone is feeling kind, feel free to buy me some supplies...........

Anyway, the procedure (copied from my first post) is as follows:
1 - Order pain management kit and m36 or m31 from dangerousthings along with a scalpel and obtain a sterile drape
2 - Wash + scrub hands with antiseptic wipes, lay out gear on a sterile drape
3 - Dump magnet in chlorhexidine and alcohol while preparing
4 - Scrub implantation site with chlorhexidine
5 - Inject lidocaine, taking usual precautions (aspirate, check for blood, avoid vessels)
6 - Wait until site is numb
7 - Once numb, make small incision taking care not to go to muscle layer
8 - Use scalpel to create a pocket within the skin and insert magnet
9 - Close wound with medical grade superglue and place plaster over it



  • I'm mostly looking for a review of any safety issues of relevance here, so if anyone has feedback on that i'd be grateful.
  • If you haven't already ordered I suggest the needle method. It's a little bit more delicate but heals better and faster if you do it right. Some will disagree but I've done it and it healed quick as can be and was so much easier.
  • Basically all there; it's quite basic.

    The primary concern is (1) how much of a relavant background of knowledge do you have for this (piercing, body mods, medicine) and (2) how good are you at doing all this with one hand?

    I only really have two comments. First off, a topical lidocaine may be wiser than injected; myself, I would worry about someone without practice using the injected form. Secondly (and this is more to any other commentators), is there a preferred practice between using a scalpel to form a pocket for the implant versus a more blunt probe?
  • I'd say use the injection. It'll work a thousand times better and you seem more than competent enough to handle a needle. If a heroin addict can get it right, so can you.  Also I find the nerve block to be overwhelmingly useless. It's a pain in the ass, hurts and if you dont use enough lido you end up using a local injection anyway. Personally I'd say use a few local injections. The other issue is the nerve block site is right where the turnicat sits which means more discomfort later when the lido wheres off. And bruising. Unless you need to stich up your whole finger, just use local. Also I learned this the hard way, don't go ham on the turnicat. If it's too tight it does more damage than good. 
  • I self-implanted the xNT and didn't have any issues with the healing process - I basically took a lot of paranoid care with antiseptic. My only real background is in computing, though my mother is a nurse and I picked up some knowledge from her (of course my mother is also wary of me doing any implants and has tried to convince me not to - after doing the xNT and showing her though she seemed to be ok). When doing the xNT implant I used injected lidocaine and had no issues.

    As to using a needle:

    I would have used the injector from my xNT but already binned it as I had no means to resterilise it. Does anyone know of a good source for sterilised piercing needles and what gauge to go for? I'm still a bit wary of that method due to it not being widely used for subdermal implants.
  • Fair enough.

    As to sterilization, you can often find autoclaves and the like on ebay for ridiculously little money.
  • Autoclaves aren't suitable for magnets
  • I was going to say something about that too, but I think Oni suggested it for resterilizing the injector.
  • You can but them cheap on ebay. either size 9 or tens i think should be good. I have a box of tens and you need to back the needle out at a little angle once to widen the hole but otherwise they work well. cost ya a couple bucks on ebay and they all come presterilized
  • Topical lidocaine wont penetrate your skin dont waste your time.
  • @CitrusBolt i've already binned the injector :(
  • Heh, Turnicat.
  • I've ordered the PMK and m31 from dangerous things, when it arrives i'll be buying the supplies from amazon and preparing to implant.

    Should anyone notice any critical problems with my planned procedure please let me know!
  • No, looks sound. Just go steady, and make light cuts, it's very easy to cut straight through your pocket and out the other side.

    Saying that, I was too cautious on my first few attempts, implanting far too shallowly, so they just broke through the skin.

    Also, remember a turnicat.

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