• garethnelsonuk
    So i've put some more thought into stuff and figure a board with an SD slot, lipo charger, temp sensor and Qi charger input would work if you can help out.

    Can you do some research and post a layout of some kind on the thread? I'll happily pay for the resources once we've got a design down.
    September 2015
  • vladaxdujke
    On pulses of my arms I got structures I hope we investigate for really betterment of human kind
    June 2015
  • vladaxdujke
    ey ElectricFeel ell, I am EE too. I just do not have a lab and been programming since I left school. I got this case where I think I can "live forever" type of scenario. Had few major biohacks in my life and stayed hacked. I wish we can connect so I can show you photos and tell you more.

    Pretty much I accumulate energy and charge from surrounding....can change weather and stuff like that. I got videos where technology works little differently in my hands and around me. Known to have like shinny stars/objects in my vicinity. Got we recorded. I generate so much static electricity sometimes that in dark I spark all sorts of colors around me. For example, I tried to measure my pulse at night on both of my hands with machine...It worked, was measuring, but it did not yield any readings, etc.

    June 2015
  • ElectricFeel
    ElectricFeel changed his profile picture.
    May 2015
  • ThomasEgi
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    Welcome Aboard!
    May 2015

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