Implanter searching maine
  • Hey I'm up in southern Maine. Any one around or know of a good implanter up there?
  • Closest I know to the area is in NH :/ I'll let you know if I hear of anything further north though!
  • Hmm dang I was hoping there would be one closer. How do you know of the NH guy? I'm not that far from Portsmouth so it's not completely out of question.

    Do you have details on him/her?
  • Also if you have any good pain management thoughts. I know about lidocaine and will definitely be getting that. Any other methods would be highly appreciated.
  • I only know of them from asking around my local shops. Someone suggested them by name. That's something you could try, too. Even if it's not advertised, there's a possibility that someone in your local area who does mod work might know someone who knows someone. There could be legal reasons why they don't advertise (Implants are illegal in NH, for example), and/or they could be trying to avoid drawing a crowd of 'Oh that sounds neat, I won't research anything but I'll just go for it' kids.

    Far as pain goes, lido is the only one I'm personally familiar with. I've heard about ice, but it's not recommended.
  • Ok cool I have a shop about 20 min north of me that I can talk to that is next to my frequented reptile shop