Implanters near the San Francisco Bay Area
  • tedivmtedivm June 2015

    I really want magnetic implants- it's something I've been thinking about for years. However, I'm not sure where to actually get this done. I'm in the SF Bay area, although I am willing to do some travel to get this done. If anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Well Tehachapi is a few hours away but I can help you if you get down here. In a few months I'll be having another little event. It might make it more worth your while to come then.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    I'm in Sacramento, and have been looking for someone to perform my magnetic implants as well.

    I've contact Steve Haworth at the end of April and was told they would be coming to SF "soon" - I've yet to hear any finalized plan.

    I wouldn't mind a weekend roadtrip.....
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Do you guys both have your magnets already?
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Nope - was thinking about ordering an m31 from Dangerous Things, but have been holding off just in case I went with Haworth.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Yeah, Haworth simply won't work with M31's. Well, I'll set a date for a get together this week after I chat with a few people. If you're feeling antsy to get it done sooner let me know. I charge 50... but that's really to cover supplies more than anything. Just get yourself an M31 and let me know. Also, I really need to take some video of someone soon so I'll obviously wave the 50 in exchange for putting you up on the blog.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    My finger is down for video taping.

    I'll throw in my order for an M31 this week - I work the typical Monday - Friday but I'm down for any weekend.

  • HelyxHelyx June 2015
    Aerik Martin at Fura Body Works in Castro Valley (of all the fuckin places...) did my 2 m31s. One of them rejected, but I don't think it was his fault. I'd call them up, let Aerik know Helyx sent ya. :)
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Thanks Helyx- I'll give them a call later today.

  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Well that was a strike.

    I was told Aerik was no longer at Fura Body Works and to reach out to there guest artist "Yann Brenyak"

    I've found contact information for both Aerik and Yann online and have sent them both messages.

    The quest continues. LOL

    In other news, just ordered an M31. :D
  • Brian Decker ([email protected] ) Did both of mine and a couple for friends. I'm super happy with his work. He's based in NY, but comes to the Bay every six months or so. Worth getting in touch and seeing when he'll be around next. 

    Also - general shout-out to any bay area biohackers. Drop me a line and let's grab a drink. There're quite a few of us around. 
  • tedivmtedivm June 2015
    Thanks for all the feedback! Cassox, let me know when you plan your weekend. I'm going to reach out to a few of the mentioned people to see when they'll be in the bay area, but will definitely do the drive down if needed. I haven't purchased the magnets yet but will do so.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Thanks meanderingman - I'll shoot an email over to him as well.

    Is it just me or does this forum not do any sort of email notifications?
  • If you go to your profile and click My Preferences (On the left, below your avatar, bottom of that list), you'll get a modal that shows you your email contact options. That should do the trick :)
  • glimsglims June 2015
    Email notifications are for pms only, and you can adjust that in your settings.
  • @mmuyskens If you click the star in the upper right of the topic header, and enable favorites notifications in your settings, you'll get an email when someone comments.
  • contact Samppa Von Cyborg at [email protected] he makes regular trips to the US. Catch him the next trip, he did me in San Jose.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Thanks ForrestFerroX - I'm going to shoot him an email.

    Basically going to go with the first person that is available. Looks like

    Brian Decker is going to be in Berkeley toward the end of August.  Still hoping to have it done sooner.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Well, hey. I work weekends usually. It looks like the gathering is going to be around the end of August so that doesn't do you any good. Perhaps take a look at your calendar and see if you have any 3 day weekends coming up? You can definitely crash out at my space and talk projects etc. When my new schedule comes out I'll let you know if I have any weekend gaps coming up.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    I'm about to bounce jobs so it's hard to take a three day when they know I'm about to give them the middle finger.

    Even if I have one done soon, I may be ready for another magnet by then anyways - you never know!
  • Any luck finding someone permanently in the Bay Area? I move there in a few days and I won't have my "implant guy," anymore. I have a lot of plans for expansion and I won't want to wait every six months to get something new done.
  • ProxyProxy June 2015
    I personally would recommend taking the time to make your way down to Cassox. He implanted some m31s in my right hand and I had no issues with the aftercare. Cass was able to install both of them within 30 minutes and that includes removing a haworth magnet that I had in my ring finger (sub-par quality compared to the m31s in my experience).I live over in Phoenix, Az so I know the drive might be a bit out of the way however it is better than someone who "might" know what s/he is doing.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Thanks for the thumbs up!
  • Where are you based, @cassox?
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    @cassox - still thinking end of August for a meet up?

    The reason I'm asking is because I found a guy Brian Decker that is taking appointments in BERKELEY for August 19, 20, 21, 24, 25, and 26th which I may consider if it's not gonna happen.
  • *puts in time off for the last weekend of August.*
    *starts stalking flight discount sites*
    *waits for the grindfest 1 announcement*