Magnet implanted in toe
  • The magnet is 6 mm diameter, and spherical.
    It was implanted under a callous in a standard way by myself as a "trial run" before implanting a normal magnet in a finger.
    It was sealed with superglue instead of sutures.
    I cannot take any pictures because I have no camera other than a tablet, and that is no good.

    Implantation day: Shoe insoles or very thick socks are needed to be able to walk any good distance, burns constantly.

    Day 1: no pain unless I put pressure on it; was able to feel some things with it; played with it and picked up a 2 pence
    Day 2:same as day one
    Day 3:had to remove it (maybe unnecessary), the skin holding it in popped back open.
  • A callous in which region of the toe?
  • D_AxelD_Axel May 2015
    I guess sweaty toes wouldn't help much with the healing/keeping clean process.
  • CassoxCassox May 2015
    Please provide photos and updates. I think I would have avoided a spherical shape as it seems the most likely shape to produce a kind of "rock in the shoe" type of feeling. Is it on the bottom of the toe?
  • V10latorV10lator May 2015
    "I cannot take any pictures because I have no camera other than a tablet, and that is no good."
    it's good enough for showing where exactly you cutted into the toe. Also I agree with @Cassox - pics are important even if they don't show much / don't have the best quality and updates on the healing process is a must. :)

    @D_Axel sweat should be sterile, it's just the fact bacterias love warm and wet places that such feeds tend to smell. As long as he cleans it good enough infection shouldn't be a problem. Anyway, keeping the wound dry might be. Walking with bare feeds could help a lot but not everybody likes that and you can't do it anywhere (at work, for example).

    @MagneticJacob I know this isn't a question most people want to answer but do you have sweaty feets and if so: How do you fight against it (if doing anything) while the skin heals?
    Another thing: You mentioned the need of very thick socks, so there seems to be a lot of force on the incision point? Is it placed on the side (so another toe pulls on it) or at the bottom (so your bone is pushing - note that this would be a no-go as (IIRC, somebody please correct me if I'm wrong) bones get smaller when there's something rubbing directly onto them for a longer time). Also aren't the socks itself creating pressure? Ofc. you could also answer these questions with pictures... ;)
  • It is halfway between the middle and the edge, on the bottom, and it is intended to be temporary. It is not under my bone. It does not feel like a rock. Earlier today, I felt the magnetic feild above a power line wire. No sweat. I might take a picture later tonight when I have more time.
    I do not really put much weight on it anyway (never have), so is the location still okay?
  • glimsglims May 2015
    Sorry, totally tangential here, but.... Sweat is not sterile. That's like saying spit is sterile. The purified liquid itself is saline-ish sure, but there is nothing on or in your body that is sterile, not even urine.

    This has been a public service message from your local biologist. Please, carry on.
  • I removed it today, possibly unnecessarily; the skin covering it popped open (rejection?). I will re-implant when it heals back up.
  • glimsglims May 2015
    If you just put it under only the skin (you mentioned a callous) you will continue to have this not work.

    Also, I am curious how the sphere action was working for you. A seconding on the 'rock in the shoe' concerns.
  • Pee is more sterile than sweat.
  • No rock in a shoe feeling to it, I just got used to it like my toe was shaped like that (which it was).
    I thought it was supposed to go between the dermis and the subcutaneous layer, is it supposed to go in or beneath the subcutaneous layer?
  • CassoxCassox May 2015
    Ah, if I get 6 people to agree I will do a little weekly online class or something. Ok, your mixing up two different ways to say similar stuff. It's one of the problems with anatomy. So, if you mention the dermis, then you have to stick with that same naming scheme... which would be to say hypodermis. Hypodermis is pretty much synonymous with subcutaneous...
    To answer your question though, placement should be subcutaneous or in/beneath the hypodermis. The hypodermis kind of "pulls up" from the underlying structures. It would be fine to place one in a touch of adipose tissue or something if being placed where skin is thick. In the fingers, the actual amount of hypodermis is minimal at best. You really can't place it within, only under. Same goes for the bottom of the foot.
  • Agree to what? If it's just a "show up" sort of thing, I'd be down for it.
  • ss23ss23 May 2015
    I think Cassox just volunteered to teach some classes on surgery, anatomy, human biology?
  • ZlekratZlekrat May 2015
    If the time is good count me in (I live in Europe so it's about +9 hours)
  • I could chisel out time for a weekly skype/whatever class. 
  • Sorry about the dermis and subcutaneous/hyperdermis from earlier, that is what I learned.
  • I'm down. New thread?
  • Well I tried to re-implant today, but this time the benzocaine did not work. Any ideas on why it did not work this time? It was 2.2%
  • Injection, with the technique being a digital nerve block? Or Local Infiltration?
  • It was topical.
  • I re-implanted a few days ago, sorry I had no chance to post it.
    It is currently day 4.
    The benzocaine cream just dried out too fast, that os why it did not work last time.
    The worst part about it is the fear when a rock actually gets in my shoe, I think that the magnet popped out.
    I will make a picture when I get a chance.
  • glimsglims June 2015
    cannot see toe. picture taken with ham sandwich. please repost
  • Glims you made me spew tea.
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2015
    Must of used one of those new banana phones...
  • I sharpened the image and increased contrast, it cannot get any better.
    I can make a image of it digitally that is sharper than that, but with fewer details:
    ignore the lack of the rest of the foot in the drawing.
    Camera was no good, so I drew it on my pc, more HD. 
    first is pre implant 
    second is second-third days
     third is second-third days with the grey dot showing the location of the magnet, it was not actually visable. 
    fourth is fifth day (the skin started peeling and part fell off in the shower)
    fifth is fifth day with the grey dot showing the magnet's location, still not visible.

    The dot showing the magnet's location is not to scale.

    I did keep it from getting wet with cellophane wrapped around the front half of my foot.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    So how is this magnet coated?
  • Gold coated. Bought it from supermagnetman.
  • Someone correct me if I'm wrong please, but from what I understand gold is usually avoided because it's quite mailable, and thus can chip and in general get damaged pretty easily yeah?
  • Usually, it is, but I tried to scrape it multiple times (another one of the identical magnets) and nothing happened.
  • ightdenightden June 2015
    macroscopically nothing might have appeared to happen but clearly looking at your green infected toe gold isn't working out for ya!
  • Camera is horrible, it is a light yellow, slightly more pale than the surrounding skin.
  • CassoxCassox June 2015
    Hmmm. People seem to be responding somewhat negatively to this post. My opinions?

    Ok, in terms of gold my primary concern here would be gold and... what? Gold is rather biocompatible, but I'd really be cautious that it's not some alloy. Also the Moh Hardness is like 2 something. Really low. Titanium in comparison is like 6. So, if it's applied very thin... then surface strength may be an issue. To be honest... after implantation I wouldn't be too concerned. Imagine trying to scratch a gold ring by slapping it with a steak. So... if it's a pure gold with good surface integrity prior to implant your probably fine.

    In terms of the spherical shape, it produces a pretty good field. It maximizes volume with minimal surface area or summat... resulting in a good relative field size and strength. Downsides? There is no "laying flat." This may cause a pebble type of effect, particularly in the feet. Also, if exposed to a magnetic field, the torque is going to be rotational. The ball is going to spin so that the oppositely charged side faces the object. So while there are some interesting aspects I'm not sold on the shape.

    Camera stuff... yeah. You have to have a friend with a better camera or something man. Or go to best buy where people recycle phones and reach in and jack an old phone or something. I believe in you. You can do it!

    Instead of cellophane, perhaps consider some simple gauze and tape. It would wick away any moisture rather than trapping it. Keep the updates coming.
  • The skin flaked off today, and the magnet came out with it.
    I think that stitches would have been better, the superglue got in the opening, and the magnet got stuck to the skin.
    And I got some coarse sandpaper, and the coating is about .2 millimetres thick (it took a while for the gold to come off).
    According to the wikipedia article on gold, its hardness is 2.5 (I know there is barely any difference, but I like being exact).
  • How deep are you implanting?
  • About 2 milimetres deep, but when the discoloured skin flaked off, it started going towards the hole, closer to the surface.
  • glimsglims June 2015
    I believe there was some discussion earlier about your implant depth. Last time you put the magnet in a callus. Would you say that the magnet was implanted deeper than last time or roughly the same depth?
  • It was implanted twice as deep, but when the skin peeled off some, the magnet went closer to the surface to roughly as deep as it was the first time.
    I think it would have stayed at the right depth if the skin did not peel off.
    Am I correct about it staying if the skin did not peel off (first time it peeled off, not when it did completely and the magnet came with it)?
    The first time the skin peeled, the magnet went closer to the surface, and I superglued the opening shut like i did after the implantation procedure (that is when the magnet got stuck to the skin); but the second time skin peeled off, all of the discoloured skin came off and the magnet came too (stuck to the skin).