New implantation technique (at least I think)
  • OK, it's story time.

    First off, I autoclaved the m31 before usage, because infections are far worse than degaussing.

    After some discussion with the piercer who did this (a good friend of mine), we elected to perform a local lido injection, as digital had too high of a chance of failure.  The injection hurt like hell, but not quite as much as it did when I had my thumb sutured shut 2 months ago (the MD used a fucking 14g needle, I passed out from the pain).  After about 10 minutes, all sensation dissipated in that fingertip.

    The implement of incision was a 2mm biopsy punch.  This allowed a very clean and even plug to be removed from the finger.  A sterile taper was used to elevate a pocket roughly 3mm downwards from the hole.  The same taper was used to push the implant into place.  Instead of suture, a steri-strip and bandage with Triple antibiotic ointment was used to close the wound.

    As of yet (3 days later)  I have seen no signs of rejection or infection.  Updates will be posted as healing progresses.

    EDIT: This originally read as using a 4mm punch, as I neglected to remember those are measured by radius, not diameter.  2mm it is.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine April 2015
    Oh Geez O_O Im not a professional or anything but that almost sounds like taking out an anthill with a nuke. Last time I worked with a punch it was to pluck some suspicious chunks of skin out for evaluation. It was very much still close to the surface, and I'm pushing a decade with the scars by now. Trying to visualize what punching and boring a 3mm deep hole in the finger must have looked like. No pics by chance, hm? I'm wondering how it was closed. You can't really pull the edges of the skin back together like that, yeah? Is it just the magnet and ointment goo under the strip, with the goal that the skin will grow back over it?

    I'll be very interested to hear followups on sensation and healing. Good to hear it's behaving 3 days later. Here's hoping it continues to play nice.
  • @BirdMachine I've managed to keep the wound closed enough to allow for adequate coagulation and the platelets seem to be doing their job.  Might take a tissue sample after it's done to analyze the collagen fiber formation.
  • CassoxCassox April 2015
    Metals expand and contract at different rates related to temperature. It's not loss of strength alone that m31s aren't supposed to be autoclave. It makes cracks in the violating dude. I wish you luck man, but I think it's going to reject.
  • glimsglims April 2015
    Oh hey! you're gonna be here in like, two weeks. We can take a look at it ourselves. Cool!
  • Update (5 days after procedure):

    Minor discharge observed on bandages.  After analysis, it appears to be normal interstitial fluid.  No signs of purulent liquids, Swelling has completely subsided, epithelial tissue appears to be forming appropriately.  Will perform a WBC differential test as soon as possible for further data.
  • Update (9 days after procedure):

    Incision is almost entirely closed, with the steri-strips being nothing more than an extra layer of security until I'm  comfortable with the tensile strength of the scar.  Again, no signs of infection, absolutely no swelling or aching whatsoever.
  • CassoxCassox April 2015