Becoming an implanter
  • chironexchironex February 2015
    A question to the knowledgeable, I'm in canada and am curious what it takes to become a piercer/get your license. Looking into getting it so that anyone local who wants either a magnet or any of the other implants available or up and coming could get it done with a licensed piercer. This way there'd no grey area if someone doesn't want to do it themselves. Lets also include info on how people can get licensed elsewhere if possible for all those curious.
  • CassoxCassox February 2015
    Not in Canada, but in the US a body modification artist generally has to be registered with the local county department of health. The requirements differ by county. For example, Los Angeles county has rather stringent requirements including taking certain classes - unfortunately, these classes are mostly lip service with no real standardized material. Many other Counties such as Kern county are mostly focused on three things... blood born pathogen certification, Hep C testing, and having an adequate location.
  • aviinaviin February 2015
    Here's a link for the state of Ohio (my state) in the U.S. for those who may be interested.  Local townships, according to this, may place further restrictions.  Of particular note, I think, is rule 3701-9-06(B), which states:

    "Only sterilized jewelry made of ASTM F136 compliant titanium or ASTM F138 compliant steel, solid fourteen karat or eighteen karat white or yellow gold, niobium, or platinum, shall be placed in a new piercing. Mill certificates for jewelry shall be maintained at the body art establishment."

    If I'm reading everything right, an implantation would almost certainly fall under this rule, which would probably make RFIDs and most magnets illegal to implant here.  There's also mention of the fact that procedures that employ a scalpel (or even dermal punches) fall under the medical procedure blanket, so you'd be limited to needles, it seems.

    I invite anyone interested in Ohio to read through it and either confirm this or (hopefully) show that I'm not reading it correctly.
  • chironexchironex February 2015
    So there's no actual class then? more of "i own the things and have taken the 1 hour blood pathogen course"

    hmm, odd. so it's more a matter of registering the location rather than getting a license. interesting

    so there are a few manuals available. before i go looking for a torrent does anyone have a digital copy they can send me? I'm curios to see what their methods and such are.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine March 2015
    MA is pretty strict about getting your licence, sadly. At least in my part. Seems a lot of the rules may be town by town?  I've been finding a lot of conflicting information. Here's some info on Cambridge:

    What is the definition of body art?

    According to the Cambridge Public Health Department regulation, "Body
    art shall mean the practice of physical body adornment, alteration or
    modification by means including, but not limited to, piercing,
    tattooing, branding, braiding, beading/implantation or scarification,
    also known as scarring."

    What are the classes and/or certifications that I need to acquire a license?

    The department issues both apprentice and professional licenses for tattoo artists and body piercers.

    To qualify for an apprentice license, you must complete the following:

    • A college-level anatomy and physiology class (or an equivalent course approved by the Cambridge Public Health Dept.)
    • A class on disease transmission and blood-borne pathogens.
    • A basic first aid course. You must have proof of current certification.
    • A basic CPR course. You must have proof of current certification.

    To qualify for a professional license, you must:

    • Fulfill the requirements for an apprentice license.
    • Complete a two-year apprenticeship program under the supervision of a
      professional practitioner or demonstrate two years or 2,400 hours of
      full-time experience as a body art practitioner.

    What do I need to submit with my license application?

    You must submit the following items with your signed and completed license application:

    • Copies of course certificates
    • A $50 fee (check or money order only) made payable to the Cambridge Public Health Commission.
    • Two forward-facing, passport-sized photos.
    • If you are applying for a professional license, you must also provide documentation that you have two years or 2,400 hours of full-time experience as a body art practitioner.

    Surprised that they included implantations on the list! Especially since tattooing was completely illegal in MA till 2000! ( Hm, I was a bit put off by the long list of requirements before... but now that at least in Cambridge implanting is specifically OKed, I may re-evaluate my opportunities here and eventually give it a shot.

    Another tidbit of info: Implantations are technically illegal in NH. So you need to ask for 'Magnetic Piercings' and hope the person knows what you're talking about.

  • BirdMachineBirdMachine March 2015
    I found more documents for Boston! It turns out the BPHC basically just functions as a pdf dumping ground.

    To organize the info we find, I created a Becoming a Modder page to the wiki! Hopefully I'll have a chance this week to write up some summaries and add links to source docs. 

    Your link is kinda broked, mane.