• chironexchironex February 2015
    Title says it all folks. This thread is for coordinating the constant overhaul of the wiki. There should be a constant influx of information added to it so feel free, in fact you are encouraged to, jump in and help out. We're constantly checking things over so if you muck something up we'll fix it but don't actively post information you are unsure of. Please site your sources on the page.
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    @glims I wonder how many people thought it and didn't say it

    Gurú Isaac What you have to do first is to have a decent webpage... I am saying this in a positive way, not being acid... it's just true.

  • chironexchironex February 2015
    So I've started doing my part but there is lot and lots more to do. Jump in people!
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    If you have nothing to contribute technically you can still help. Spell checking is needed. Also we need to make sure each page leads back to its parent section. Also if one article leads to other information we need to link it. Interlinking subjects is one of the keys to a wiki. 
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    Wiki party update. I have been doing the device design considerations section. It could use a little love. I need info from some decent EE guys, @ThomasEgi @rcb. and the Ergonomics section could use help from some bodymod peeps @hardcoremildred. Lets keep pounding on it. 

    @AlexSmith @TheGreyKnight @Griskard @drjaaz @NuclearFantasies @thatleoguy THANK YOU FOR PARTICIPATING

    @glims @cassox @DirectorX @BirdMachine where you guys at?  
  • ThomasEgiThomasEgi February 2015
    Is there a copy of the old wiki's content? We had a lot of links to resources, suppliers and papers there and I can't find them in the new sections.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine February 2015
    I managed to move a small handful of threads this week, but work has been drowning out most of my time. I should be able to dive into wiki stuff this weekend and help with spelling/organization :)
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    @ThomasEgi all the old pages are there. just go to administration and you should be able to see a list of all the current pages.
  • glimsglims February 2015
    I was in Seattle. Expect to see me in full effect in the morrow

  • Dragon5Dragon5 February 2015
    how do i edit? cuz i can spellcheck if anything.

  • BirdMachineBirdMachine February 2015
    Digging into the wiki at noon. I noticed there's no haptics or external monitoring devices page, and there's now a second eeg thread that also mentions emotiv. That's something I do actually have resources on! Did we agree on the status of external goodies for the wiki? Shall I add and get some info in place RE the emotiv and what's publicly posted RE the south paw and bottlenose? 
  • chironexchironex February 2015
    A note about the wiki. Please don't just post links in topics. At the least give a quick writeup about what the link is and why it's useful.
  • MagneticJacobMagneticJacob February 2015
    I know it is not much difference, but for spell checking, what form of English do we use (like American, Canadian, British, or Australian)?
  • glimsglims February 2015

    actually, no, that is really the least of our worries. Let's just make sure everyone uses metric.
  • TheGreyKnightTheGreyKnight February 2015
    I'm a fair hand at english and its nuances. Once we get a fair amount of info up, I'll go through and fix all of the spelling and grammar fails.
  • hardcoremildredhardcoremildred February 2015
    Ok, I start reading through it, remove some spam and then begin editing articles.

    I just recognize there are problems with numbered lists. Sub-points don't show up in my edits as they should.

  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    Ok ya'll the Wiki Party is over. But that doesn't mean you can't still help. We really still need it!

    The following people participated and should be cheered, admired, bought drinks and given free oral. I will be willing to provide most of those service if you make it to the grinder fest.








    if I somehow missed you let me know!

    Those people that are mods and didn't participate should be shamed vigorously, and should have to provide the service in the aforementioned list. 

  • chironexchironex February 2015
    False. the wiki party is over, when the whole damn wiki if filled. Everyone please keep contributing theres still a lot to do. It's pretty empty still
  • glimsglims February 2015
    You cant the stop wiki party cause the wiki party dont stop!

    also, i have just been sorting tags and doing all that whatnot.behinds the scenes yo... makes ninja sounds....
  • foreverN2dustforeverN2dust February 2015
    Is there a way for me to suggest edits or should I just go ahead with them and see if they survive reckoning?
  • chironexchironex February 2015
    Just have at it. Add stuff as you like. We monitor it to make sure things are accurate 
  • glimsglims February 2015
    Do things first. We will pare away the excess later. It's the wiki way :)
  • GriskardGriskard March 2015
    Will claim my free oral when a grindfest comes to Australia...

  • BirdMachineBirdMachine March 2015
    I've been seeing a few "Hey is there anyone in area x" posts lately, so I'm thinking about adding a lab list or meetup or some such section to the wiki. For quasi-local regional collectives of grinders/labs/groups. Chapters? Herds? What to call a gaggle of grinders? :)
  • GriskardGriskard March 2015
    I think Labs is the term we should embrace...
  • I second the term labs.
  • GriskardGriskard March 2015
    Motion carried! Labs is now the term for a flock of grinders.
  • bciuserbciuser March 2015
    I updated the skill register on the wiki with the raw text of all posts on the discussion. If you guys can think of a better way to sort them, clean up the information, etc. I would very much appreciate it, make sure everything is accurate. Perhaps update to look more professional if you want xD. Direct link to the wiki page: http://wiki.biohack.me/Skill_Register
    @mezquite @Spyral @Joshua @KylaFae @Lucas_Dimovio @NeoSapiensSurgery @Shaedlaer @Cobra_kid @NuclearFantasies @FrankMatheson @DocMorbid @iWasAWizard @Pax @Loptr @Benbeezy @BirdMachine @Azriel89 @ThomasEgi @TheGreyKnight @TimmyCNinja @RandomCharacter @drjaaz @Gpy1123 @cerasi @purplep @otptheperson @Alternate @PsyNinja @Ghost02236 @odei @Oak @E0N @DirectorX
  • I filled in the A History of Magnet Implantation article. Feel free to check it for formatting and stuff.
  • The Skill Register has been alphabetized and spell checked to the best of my ability. I didn't remove any content or rephrase any sentences. I just moved usernames into alphabetical order, changed formatting (usernames are now encased in 3 equal signs, while important skills are two asterisks), spelled out abbreviations, and fixed misspellings.
  • Who is in charge of adding features to the wiki? I think the addition of a table of contents system as well as the ability to add pictures to reference would be very helpful.
  • I also wrote the History of RFID Implants page.
  • DirectorXDirectorX March 2015
    I did some implant stuff. It could use a technical eye.
  • Heyo. It's been crazy busy lately (Thank you mid terms), and my tech has been confoundingly useless lately (I receive odd errors when trying to access the site from my laptop). But since all of that has almost been resolved, I'll soon be launching into some more page editing and creation.
  • Started writing the Becoming a Modder page. I'm 8 states into 50 + territories. Would appreciate any UK brethren starting a UK section in it.
  • chironexchironex March 2015
    Just wrote up an entry under meditation on how to make and use a memory palace for all interested. It's one of the only techniques with meditation i'll actively endorse since it's well established and super useful (its why im not failing school)

    Also did sterilization to some degree but needs a bit more work. Didn't do chemical yet.
  • Formatted the Meditation page you wrote. I also added some things to the Wiki Markup Key and formatted Regional Groups and Labs.
  • chironexchironex March 2015
    Added a bunch more stuff on post care, sterilization and more. I know cass is gonna add to it eventually but now at least there's an easily available standard reference.
  • Worked on the Becoming a Modder page. I've got the UK done and I have 28/56 US territories left to research.
  • chironexchironex March 2015
    if ya get a sec, feel free to look into canada as well. Finding info is a pain in the ass when it comes to that
  • Man, I know nothing about Canada. I mean, I managed to do the UK pretty well even having never been there or learned anything about their government, so I'll try Canada too, but ya know. I'm gonna put in a disclaimer that this should all be double checked by the person applying.
  • Whoever renamed the Meditation page, you have to take the content from the old article and put it in the new one when you do that. I did it for you. I formatted the After Care page too. I also edited the Markup Key to include Table of Contents formatting guidelines and then added TOCs for the Markup Key, Meditation, After Care, History of RFID, and History of Magnets.
  • It would be cool if we could have superscript and subscript for references.
  • chironexchironex March 2015
    Since you have a particular format you like I'm just gonna keep adding content and you can adjust it to how you like afterwords. I'll do my best to keep it nice but im more worried about content atm so I miss things when im working quickly.
  • chironexchironex March 2015
    also if it says housing.carleton or something i'm the one editing

  • chironexchironex March 2015
    there used to be a bunch of great links on sourcing medical equipment but whoever edited the sourcing page the first time deleted it. I'd like those links. They're helpful. If anyone had sources for medical gear please post so i can get it on the wiki.
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine March 2015
    http://forum.biohack.me/discussion/680/general-idea-of-supplies-for-diy-magnetic-implant  there's this thread for some basic gear via amazon, if this will help in that area!
  • Yeah, don't worry about formatting. I can handle that. My problem is that I have a very limited scope, so I can't write a whole article myself unless it's a research type topic. So I've been editing and formatting and such to help out.
  • As of now, I have formatted the entire wiki. Also, the Becoming a Modder page has all but 23 US territories filled in.
  • I filled in the Electronic Components sourcing page.
  • bciuserbciuser March 2015
    Finals just ended, so into the fray I go! I'm in the process of editing the Nutrition and Exercise page. I apologize if it reads a bit scholarly, that's where I get all the info. Gonna cite so many sources it's going to make your heads spin.

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