Problems finding Implanter.
  • ghellengaghellenga January 2015
    I live in Virginia and I am having a really hard time finding someone to do a magnet implant in my finger. Does anyone have any recommendations for finding a piercing/body mod shop that will do the implant? Also, will doctors do the implant or are they not allowed to do stuff like that?
  • Dragon5Dragon5 January 2015
    i had the same question but no, no self respecting doctor will do the operation for you which sucks. but makes sense.
    and as far as implanters who will do it for you i'll quote saal : 

    Alternatively, if you find a piercer trained by Steve Haworth they'll have magnets coated in gold and silicon. A note of warning: if you find a piercer willing to do it with a magnet you bring in yourself, you probably shouldn't do it. professional body modders typically only use their own shit for liability reasons. People buying their own magnets are usually implanting them ghetto-style over a kitchen sink.

  • Dragon5Dragon5 January 2015
    i'd recommend looking over the " so you wanna put a magnet in your finger" thread as well as cassox's blog on self implantation. that shit is detailed and very helpful . also probably your best bet unless you save up cash and go to haworth himself...
  • BirdMachineBirdMachine January 2015
    I was able to find an implanter in the North East after emailing around a few of the piercing shops in my area. It's possible that someone knows someone who knows someone.
  • meanderingmanmeanderingman January 2015
    "if you find a piercer willing to do it with a magnet you bring in yourself, you probably shouldn't do it. "

    Unless they are are up to date with the scene. I've had both my implants done by Brian Decker. When the M31 first came out I brought one to him and he was happy to put it in. He had been keeping up with the news and knew they were safe and bioproof. 
  • CassoxCassox January 2015
    Yes. Most people have the google now-a-days. The procedure itself is ultra simple; about the equivalent of an anchor. They should be able to familiarize themselves with the product via the DT website.
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    Got two guys here in pittsburgh, both steve haworth trained. If you feel like making a pilgrimage we would be happy to put you up for the night. From virginia you could easily make a weekend out of it. Plus pittsburgh has a decently high concetration of grinders, so you would probably learn a lot :)
  • FrankMathesonFrankMatheson February 2015
    Does anyone know a Steve Haworth trained implanter in Southern California? I've called around to 20+ shops and asked all their different piercers, but responses range from "No we don't do that" to "Lol that sounds cool, $40." and neither of those are particularly helpful. I'm considering a day trip to AZ, but I am not a wealthy man. Still, it's on the table.
  • TimmyCNinjaTimmyCNinja February 2015
    @FrankMatheson I have created a "Quick Links" section on the front wiki page that has a current list of known modders.

    Here is a link

    I am going to close this since it has been asked a bunch :)
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