• glimsglims November 2014
    Hey, so @Cassox mentioned meet up action... Anyone in the SoCal area or planning on being around in the near future?
    We are pretty well set up in the lab and are about to start on the greenhouse / aquaponics system...

    Of course there will be food and hands on activities! Fun for the whole family!

    Seriously tho, any Cali grinders wanna kick it?
  • meanderingmanmeanderingman November 2014
    What part of SoCal?

    I'll be coming down that way around thanksgiving. Driving down from San Francisco to Northern LA. 
  • CassoxCassox November 2014
    Pretty close to Northern Los Angeles. Tehachapi mountain range maybe an hour to an hour and a half North of say Santa Clarita.
  • CitrusBoltCitrusBolt November 2014
    I'm over in Rancho Cucamonga currently, I have a couple like-minded people out here as well.
  • HelyxHelyx November 2014
    Damn. I'm in the bay area but will be up north around the end of the month. Would absolutely love to meet some of yous! I don't know any other grinders in meatspace, just have friends who want me to put magnets in them.
  • SovereignBleakSovereignBleak November 2014
    @meanderingman, I'm here in Tehachapi with @glims and @cassox. I'm scheduled for a meditation retreat up in San Jose on the thirtieth. You wouldn't happen to be driving back that way around then? I'd be happy to split gas, snacks, whatever.
  • meanderingmanmeanderingman November 2014
    There's a good chance that could work out. I'll PM you with details. 
  • bciuserbciuser March 2015
    Not sure if anyone still interested in meeting up, I joined very recently and live in the Irvine/Long Beach area.
  • glimsglims March 2015
    Maybe this is short notice, but did you notice the announcement about the meetup at out place in Tehachapi?
  • San Diego here. Just posting to put my name in for any future meetups.
  • Monterey here posting for future reference as well
  • bciuserbciuser March 2015
    Irvine here or San Diego on holidays.
  • lucydlucyd August 2015
    I'm late to the game but I'm about an hour north of LA, Conejo Valley Area
  • dezie_mmdezie_mm August 2015
    Irvine here
  • singleridersinglerider August 2015
    San Francisco, here
  • cyberlasscyberlass August 2015
    San Francisco/Bay Area here. 

    Everyone knows about the upcoming Grindfest starting Fri 9/4 in Tehachapi (North of Los Angeles)?  And the San Francisco dinner/drinks tomorrow (Aug 20)?
  • MaddogJones101MaddogJones101 January 2016

    Redondo Beach, Here!

  • AuxeFyreAuxeFyre May 2016
    Bakersfield, Here!
  • saitoGsaitoG May 2016
    Hello All, I'm in the bay, oakland specifically. I'm running a tech+art+hacking group out of here: sudoroom.org. Wondering if anybody in the area wants to come kick it.

  • I live in long beach, but i am a minor, so it might be difficult to make it to events. doesn't mean that i wont try, though.
  • JordygordyJordygordy June 2016
    @kazikhopper what do they mine for in longbeach? like sand and crack heads? LOL 
  • CassoxCassox June 2016
    Hey local folk. I'm having a lil bbq up at the lab this Thursday night if anyone is in the area. Bbq, beer, and surgery. Let me know if you're interested.
  • LurkerLurker June 2016
    I'll be coming by. Anything i can bring, food/drinks?
  • mmuyskensmmuyskens June 2016
    Hookers maybe?
  • saitoGsaitoG June 2016
    I'm just going to leave this here: [email protected]

    If you're in the bay area, contact me, let's meet 1-1 or let's organize something for the people that are around.

    This is a space I like to hang out in, it's in oakland: sudoroom.org

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