Cyborg History Lesson
  • glimsglims May 2014
    So, this is actually a fairly decent article written about Haraway's Cyborg Manifesto. For anyone how hasn't read this, it's 30 years old and it's still pertinant and an impressive read. It's great background and gives a little breadth to why people do what they do to become more than what they are. An excellent palette cleanser for the community I think.

    This is pre-armchair transhumanism and it's good talking points for when "i like sticking metal in my meat bits" doesn't win the crowd over.

    sorry it's buzzfeed....

    the original work, for those with the attention span

  • kuroro86kuroro86 February 2016
    the link to the original work is down 
  • glimsglims February 2016
    Well, it has been a year...

  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    This is interesting. ^^

    The article being a little repetitive in trying to find different words to express the same idea, IMO, but still well explanative of the idea.

    Lack of time moreso than patience, but please tell me that the original isn't quite as prone to phrasing the same thing with different words. >~<<br />
  • glimsglims February 2016
    I think the 36 page pdf is pretty good at covering a variety of topics.  The article was, of course, buzzfeed garbage. I was just looking for the simple read.
  • ZerbulaZerbula February 2016
    That's what I would hope for. ^^
  • CathasachCathasach February 2016
    Something more recent that evolved from the cyborg manifesto:

    I've been reading this a lot lately and liking it.
  • LukoLuko February 2016
    I read down to parity. Its a bit hard to understand what they are trying to say. But what I can pick out i find complex and likeable. It might be perti ent just to summarize it in a paragraph. But I haven't read the whole thing yet.

    Thanks @Cathasach for leading me to it.
  • CathasachCathasach February 2016
    TL;DR: By creating ourselves in between identities, such as the masculine or feminine, we can liberate ourselves from those identities that capitalism, or The Spectacle if you prefer, relies on to control the populace oppress people.

    At least that's a rough approximation, although it doesn't really do it justice.
  • anastielanastiel May 2016