Ohio Area Implants
  • robotoxrobotox July 2013
    Hey, I'm pretty new here and was looking for a little help.  While I'd love to do the implantation myself, my arthritic hands kind of make that a poor option.  Do you guys know anyone in the Ohio area that does implants?  Thanks!
  • DirectorXDirectorX July 2013
    I know a guy in Pittsburgh if you ever find yourself there.
  • iexiakiexiak July 2013
    Does Indy count?
  • robotoxrobotox July 2013
    Both Indy and Pitt would be great to know about.
  • DirectorXDirectorX July 2013
    Tim from hot rod piercing is the guy in pitt
  • amalamal July 2013
    Hey @DirectorX, we're working on building a partner network for Dangerous Things; http://dangerousthings.com/partner-map and would love to have Tim sign up as a partner at http://dangerousthings.com/pro - if you have his contact info, can you just send him a little note to check it out? 

  • AmmonRaAmmonRa August 2013
    Not in Ohio, but not that far, so I thought this may be relevant 
  • amalamal August 2013
  • IanIan August 2013
    Many cities in the Midwest are the same way.
  • gwarsuxgwarsux January 2014
    If you're still sitting on wanting implants, Brian Decker will be in Columbus either in March or in April at Hell City Festival. It'd be worth it to shoot him an email and find out what's up; from what I've seen, he's a big name in professional Implanters.

    His email is [email protected]
  • drewdrew January 2014
    @gwarsux: Brian is awesome.
  • nukes2allnukes2all January 2014
    I know that GrindHouse is based in Pittsburgh, but where would you guys consider going in Pitt?
  • drewdrew January 2014
    @nukes2all: As @DirectorX said earlier in this thread, there's Tim from Hot Rod Piercing.
  • gwarsuxgwarsux January 2014
    @drew the only reason i know he'll be there is because thats who's doing mine in march or april :) im so excited to have it done by him