Decellularizing strawberry tissue
  • I dunno if it's better here or in implant stories, but it's technically not an implant so... 

    Last year I came across that thread about decellularizing fruit and vegetable tissue, and have finally worked up the nerve to go through with it. Here are some before and after shots.
    I made a couple changes to his methodology: instead of using distilled water, I used purified water which didn't seem to negatively affect anything. I also used a 1% SDS stock solution instead of his 0.5%. This also didn't seem to make any noticeable difference, so it's probably better to stick with a 0.5% concentration to conserve material. Something that wasn't mentioned is how ridiculously fragile strawberry extracellular matrices are. After a certain point I had to avoid splashing the strawberries when changing solution, otherwise they would tear. 

    I want to keep this scaffold and a few others I have planned for the future around my dorm as decoration, but once I get the proper space and set up for a cell lab, I'd like to try my hand at reseeding scaffolds as well. Bioluminescent hearts anyone?
  • ZerbulaZerbula July 13
    Nicely done! :D

    It looks nice and ghosty .3.
  • Oh wow. I should dig up that thread and have a play at it myself at some stage.