Making the human body stronger... by forceing it to become weaker first?
  • MaelMael May 14
    Ok so i've been thinking alot about difference in muscle twitch types (i and ii) and how one can possibly train a certain way to gain a higher percentage of one type, and the possibilitys of using rna tweaks  to promote the growth of one type, however that got me thinking further into how were still stuck with already formed muscular tissue of varying types which led me to have this idea: would it be possible to induce a controlled form of "muscular dystrophy" using rna tweaks with the mstn gene (or induce it through doses of myostatin?) in order to sort of "reset" muscle growth in a controlled fashion, in order to then regrow it biologically with the addition of either pure training (for a specific muscle fibre type,) more genetic enhancements using rna, drugs or perhaps even more permenant genetic tweaks since you'd be essentially be growing new muscular tissue. - Perhaps one could even test the modification of the pepck-c gene which when modified in then skeletal muscle of mice, to be expressed at a higher percentage, resulted in those mice having increases energy and a heightend metabolisim due to them having increased glucleogenesis. If this same tweak was induced in human skeletal muscle (eg the tissue one would wish to modify) it would likely lead to the same positive effects. Though i will admit this post is mostly speculative and a thought project at most im wondering what you guys think of these idea's?

    P.s. posting via phone at night so if spelling/details are off that would be why.
  • Also intrested in getting more of a certain muscle fiber type(type 2) and increaseing muscle contraction speed in general.
  • CassoxCassox May 18
    You might be able to achieve something like this through extreme low calorie diet. If you designed it right, you could probably still get most of your essentials but lose enough mass to start breaking down muscle