Black stuff around magnet implant
  • Okay, so recently ive implanted myself 3 pairs of super small magnets in hopes of higher sensitivity- dosent seem that it worked :(

    anyways, im here for another question: 
    since ive implanted them quite a while ago and since ive noticed some black stuff (and i bet that first magnet implant has them too!!!) so i thought that i should try to get rid of it, by doing that ive found out that one of the holes havent healed yet and since ive found that black stuff somewhat deep - i decided that i should pull magnets out and see what it is...
    first pic - magnet seems to have some corrosion or something, i can see something white(salt?) but its not nicel
    second pic - on big magnet and the place where big one and small one are connectd you guys can see somethign black - have no idea what (dead cells?)

    few awnsers to questions:
    1. no, it dosent hurt
    2. magnets were salt tested

    thanks in advance

  • well shit....
    i guess i know what that black stuff is - its magnetic....<facepalmp>

    so, i guess question is: why it didint react with my body!?!!??!
  • so, what should i do:
    1. pull them out immediatly
    2. as long as my organism dosent react to it - it should be fine
    3. pull not only them, but check first implant too
  • The picture is hard to get much information from the picture. Can you take a picture of the magnets in sunlight and focus on them before snapping the photo?

    Where did you get the magnets?
    Were the cylinders implanted in a way that they directly touched inside your body?
    When were they implanted?
    Who did the implantation?

  • I did implantation
    Implanted on 2017.04.16
    implanted in left middle finger with a needle
    magnets:  (it was stupidly easy to implant them :D )

    I was trying to focus... ya know, its quite difficult to capture such a small object

    anyways.. my phone ran out of battery.. so no pictures this time..

    okay, ill give you guys my "professional" conclusion:
    1. magnet coating failed, seems like not only gold layer, but nicel too (i didint saw that one comming)
    2. magnets became way more fagile - i was able to break one with my nails(or am i that strong?!??! or maybile neodynium is fragile enough??)
    3. black stuff was neodynium itself(from magnets. why i think so? -because they stick to magnet. Tho they dont stick no normal steel (not sure why but most likely they arent big enough and thus - not strong enough))
    4. i guess, tonight i should take out last pair 

    1. are there any exceptions to the rule of implants (something that would explane why it didint hurt like a bitch, same with pus)
    2. in place where i got my first implant ( im able to see some darker skin AND magnet got wayyy weaker. what should i do about it? 

  • I got a thesis:
    It didint reacted with my body because they were too deeply implanted

    (tho, if first implant coating is failing - this thesis is definetely wrong)

  • Did you test the magnet coating with a salt bath before implanting? If not, it might be best to take them out or at least watch them closely for any loss of magnetism or dark spots.
    It doesn't sound like infection was a problem so that's really good to hear!
    Neodymium is very brittle by itself and I think it turn black when it gets into the body.
    You mentioned that the magnets were inserted in pairs. Could the magnets touch one another after they had been implanted? I'm curious because if they were touching they will slowly wear down the coating every time they shift position. Once the gold coating is gone and the nickel is exposed, your body will attack it and break it down.

  • as i said:
    1. ive found dark spots (coating failed)
    2. i think i said that i tested them with a salt bath.
    3. I think neodymium is always black

    yes, i implanted 3 pairs of magnets (aka 6magnets) one implantation was 2 magnets in shape 1x6. thats probobly it!!!! that was really stupid of me

    body breaks down nicel?!??!! if so - its already gone..... and to top all that - ive heard that nicel could cause cancer cells generation or whatever!?!?!? (if so - what should i do about that?)

    i guess, as soon as i get my hands on few scalpels - ill unimplant my first implant since i think that the same thing is going on with it :(
  • Please read the wiki... Please... ;_;

    Ni is toxic, it is not a biosafe coating and effectively makes the implant a failure if ever exposed. Do not ever use a nickel later as a bioproofing layer.

    Au alone is not suggested due to its extreme maliability, and how soft it is; it's very easy to scratch, mar, etc... Though if it remains intact will function. ^^'

    Myself, if it was me... I'd remove all of them to avoid further failures to deal with, if one set already failed. That's my own perception.

    Remove and thoroughly clean everything out that you can that has failed. Debris is not good for the body.
  • My recommendation is to remove the magnets still touching.
    It seems like your implantation procedure went well though. No infection so that deserves congratulations.
    Since the magnets were touching, it's not even guaranteed that gold is to blame, it could have just been friction. I'm impressed and it's fascinating to hear that you tried stacking long magnets. That had been discussed here and dismissed due to the friction issue but your first-hand account was that it didn't provide any valuable addition to sensing. That's valuable information.
    I'm sad your implants didn't last but I'm grateful for the knowledge.

  • Zerbula, i know, ive read it.... magnets were coated in gold and seemed really well. even tho i know that its not suggested, but even tho i went for it

    ill try cleaning it up, not sure how, but ill try. i guess ill remove first implant too

    "No infection so that deserves congratulations." - i feel like my organism isint capable of it :D

    btw, i totally agree that it was friction fault. i acctually would dare to say that they were coated really well. non of my magnets failed salt water test

    "That had been discussed here and dismissed due to the friction issue but your first-hand account was that it didn't provide any valuable addition to sensing. That's valuable information. "    - i woudint go that far. acctually, in comparison with my first implant(that got quite a bit weaker) right after implantation it seemed more sensible then first implant. i may repeat this opperation. we will see

    btw, one of the incisions completely sealed (facepalm) ill have to recut it :(


  • Ive thought bout this NI thingy. It shoudint be a problem, knowing that im healthy, young and i got functional kindys. So i guess i shoudint worry bout it :) tho, i doubt that i should overexpose myself to it :D
  • I don't know about it's toxicity in the bloodstream or organs, but when you have a mass of nickel in the body (such as a failed implant), the body tends to try to isolate it, surrounding it in pus and attempting to grow it out of the body. It's extremely painful and will definitely want to be treated. :c

  • well, shit... i got that super power... :( im uploading implantation video (ill set it to private in like a week or something) so post incomming in few mins
  • okay....
    "The upload has failed. Please follow these steps and upload the file again." - youtube says... well.. i guess no video this time...

    anyways - magnet is fucked... 

    1, skin feels stiff in that place
    2.because of this "super power" i dont think that i can do implants, unless they are super reliable
    3. I guess Ill check in with a doctor... Overall, im not sure how to feel about all this shit.. :( kinda a downer

    Do you guys have any explanation??

    final notes: 
    brown liquid - is pus (because bit of it came out once i cut in), all this time i thought that it was dead blood cells...

    even tho there was some pus, it didint hurt a bit nor it pushed it out

    i guess on the record Im "compatible" with nearly any material but it isint as great as it sounds because it dosent mean that materials dosent go into my blood stream. Hopefully doctor will recommend some sort of tests that would awnser atleast something

    Im not sure bout all this thing, I may be done with implants overall, not only gold. We will see
  • i just went though stuff skin with a needle, noting came out (aside blood) i guess thats not pus
  • I'll take a look at neodymium's toxicity and post something later.
  • Alright. So based on the various MSDS sheets and info I've found neodymium possesses a low to moderate toxicity compared to other rare earth elements. In the amounts you probably had, I don't think anything bad will happen beyond the rejection. @Cassox would know better than I would, probably. 
  • @TheGreyKnight ye, i checked the same info yesterday, i doubt that there should be a problem with it. But the thing is: it wont reject it :D
  • I just came back from a doctror. She said "In current medicine studying program there is no such topic, so i cant answer this question" (Talking about why it didint reject it)

    And about magnet implant thingy - she politely said " i cant recommend continue doing such things, especially since it isint approved by any official research" (and yes, i had to explain what magnet implants are. Tho, im not surprised)

    (For those that are thinking "did you went there for only this useless info?" - i had two more reasons for seeing a doctor)
  • Some things stated here are a little vague, and I wonder if you could clarify.
    -Black "stuff" - The picture is very unclear and blurry. What is the stuff like as a material? Are we talking grains of hard material, shaped like what? Black goo? A thin film developing around the magnet? Black stains on the magnet itself? You said you noticed black stuff and thought to take them out? I'm actually confused as to where the black stuff was accumulating, inside the implantation site? How could you see it?
    -If you kept the black material around since taking it out, has there been any observable change in the material with time?
    -"well, shit... i got that super power... " - This statement confused me because I'm not sure what effect you are referring to as "that super power" in context.
    -"skin feels stiff in that place" - Where exactly? Just the cut itself? How big of an area is effected? Does it seem like scarring or inflammation?
    -"because of this "super power" i dont think that i can do implants" - I'm still vague on what you mean by "super power" I tried reading the thread a couple times, and seems to lack context.
    -" Im "compatible" with nearly any material" - Could you elaborate on evidence for this? I don't follow your reasoning. It seems like a dangerous assumption to make.
  • @Radiance i didint thought that i was that unclear....

    black stuff, as i said its pulverised neodymium. Where? in the wound ofcourse... How could i tell is it surrounding magnet? its impossible to to look in the wound that deep

    "well, shit... i got that super power... " - power that allows me to insert non-biocompatible materials inside my body (i thought i said something like that)

  • "skin feels stiff in that place" - where magnet was.(where else?) area of effect isint big. First i thought that it was pus, but i went though it with a needle - nothing came out. so i guess its not pus - stiff skin only

    "because of this "super power" i dont think that i can do implants" - My body dosent give a F if biocompatible coating is off or on. And if its off then my organism starts breaking down nasty stuff which gets into my bloodstream (like Nicel)

    " Im "compatible" with nearly any material" - well, im "compatible" Nicel and Neodynium (if you can call it like that, thats why "compatible" is in the quotes) and once again, thats my "superpower"

    Sorry guys for my english(its not my native language). Tho non of the people that im usually in the skype calls with complained (the ones that i speak english with ofcouse...)

  • No need to worry about language barrier. I didn't mean to come off as impatient in asking for more exact details. It's just interesting to probe for details.

    Not trying to be annoying, but just get the whole picture really clearly, what you're saying is that the wound was still open and pieces of the magnet were getting pushed out? I'm like imagining something like grain of sand sized, and multiple pieces, is that about right?

    I might not necessarily say there was no reaction if your body was starting to reject and push pieces out. Having only been in for around 2 weeks, it seems hard to draw conclusions about how your body chemistry interacts with these things in the long run. Your perception of the implant not being rejected may come down to it having only been in a short time.
  • I would HIGHLY suggest against proceeding as if your body can accept non-compatible material just because you did not have a critical failure in terms of reactions... :v

    Lightning strikes do not always kill people, neither do drug overdoses or being shot... Surviving a gunshot does not mean you are bullet proof. The same logic should be applied.

    I honestly feel like a lot more reading and study is in order, for your own safety as well as success of projects. x_x
  • @Radiance yes they were pushed out. as i said "i thought that brownish liquid was dead blood cells but after cutting my first implant i realised that it was pus. Even tho, it had a bit of it (one small drop, and magnet is pretty fucked) it did not hurted in a slightest nor tryed to grow out the magnet. LETS KEEP IN MIND THAT COATING FAILED SEVERAL MONTHS AGO!!! AND IM QUITE SURE OF IT!! in other words - if not pus (after cutting it) - till this day i would have thought that everything was fine!!!

    okay, now the 2 week implants: it was iching abit - to stop it i just had to push out pus out of the wound. thats about it. by doing that i most likely pushed out those magnet fragments.(AGAIN, I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST DEAD BLOOD CELLS, SINCE DOCTOR AFTER FIRST IMPLANT SAID THATS "PROBABLY" WHAT IT IS, tho i havent showed her) 


    Ive read wiki, some other sources on internet and whenever i find some intresting article - i read it. i doubt that i can find out much else

    IVE NEVER SAID THAT I HAVE COMPLETELY NO REACTION TO IT, (thats one of the reasons why "compatible" is in quotes) all i said that its next to impossible for me to detect failed coating after wound is sealed(ill repeat once again, that drop of pus from first implant was ridiculously small, even tho it)

    and sorry for caps 
  • When the body her a foreign object in it, usually the body will do what it can to isolate and break it down, or try to kill it. It sounds like, in the case of a set of tiny magnets, your body was able to attack it and break it down without letting it begin to poison or harm you further.

    Those little magnets have a third of the volume of material as a standard m31. Having a third of a splinter in your foot is a lot easier to deal with than the full splinter, from a biological standpoint, I would think. If there's a situation where a body can more easily contain a magnet without getting bad, I'd think it would be this. X_x

    If you want to definitively find out if you are immune to the effects of Ni or NdFeB, do testing (I'm guessing blood) to evaluate the difference your body exhibiting between having a rejecting magnet in your body, and a control baseline.

    Also, you have a lot more to read if you weren't aware of Ni being toxic... We are ALL still learning about this every step of the way. There's more to read. Lol c_c

    Please give these little guys caution, it's literally surgery with your own body.
  • Those magnet dust most likely came from friction. i doubt that it was able to break it down, tho i cant prove it. (lets not forget corrosion too)

    second paragraph - first implant - 5x1mm how much volume compared to m31 is it?(i would say around double) two weeks ago implant - there were 6 of them....(but yes, bigger surfice area)

    i can confirm that im arent immune to effects. BUT it dosent "react" as it should (atleast in my opinion)

    how should i do those experiments? get some blood on NI / NdFeB and look at differences between it and control sample?

    I knew that Ni is toxic all along(okay, i read about it right after first implant), BUT as far as i know - all magnets are plated in NI and then they are coated in some sort of biocompatible material. I need to do more reading? FINE!! show me where.... ive already read wiki, i watch TED shows somewhat often and whenever i got some sort of question - i google it.....IM WAITING!!!

    Even tho it seems that im careless- i actually think what im doing.... tho not always i can think of every scenario (example: friction with that magnet array)
  • So, I'm not sure if you'd be looking at an allergy test, but with neodymium, or magnet material instead of an allergen, or something else.
  • Lol... I wrote a little bit of the magnets section of the Wiki..

    If you could determine the effects of the magnets you implanted into the local area, for example, figure out why the magnets degraded into powder without causing metal poisoning, and if exposure to certain amounts ate safe/unsafe for certain sizes, it would be more knowledge for the rest of us.

    When I say read up, I mean help grow our collective knowledge. You propose a superpower... but what if instead you just found out the threshold for a body of your similar size being able to safely process the toxic exposed materials? I'm not sure. It would be nice to know.

    There's literally hundreds of threads to read on magnets. @Cassox has multiple EXTREMELY informative blogs about so many aspects of them. There's literally entire fields of science dedicated to biology, energy, chemistry, etc. that are all useful and relevant. I don't have a 'here is everything known ever about magnets' list... trying to learn more myself every day. ^^

  • Probably its useless information but: I had an allergy for something - did a test(not magnet as allergen ofcourse) did a test - nothing reacted, most likely i had an allergy to some food conservant. 

    Why degrated? -Corrosion. Without causing metal poisoning? - have no idea

    Im not going to increase  exposure till its unsafe!! I actually care bout my health

    "When I say read up...." - i get it.... i understand that it was in no offensive nor other manner

    "You propose a superpower..." - its easyer to call "superpower" then a whole sentence that explains something

    Yes, there are hundreds of threads on magnets - most of them say nearly the same stuff, tho from the sounds of it i would be intrestead in rading  @Cassox blogs. Any links?

    here is my first implant: (it didint break inside me, probobly i knocked it somewhere)
  • here's one off my head.

      It is a lot easier to say 'superpower' than an unusual about of resistance... though again, circumstances make it hard to gratify those...

    We get all kinds of people here, some that legitimately might think they actually have paranormal abilities... x_x

    We know corrosion causes degridation... but exactly what is breaking it down, and one can ask, for say, the sake of one who might suffer metal allergies; is there an emergency method to temporally stop it... Like an 'epipen' that interrupts the bodies immune system in a localised area, or something that rapidly converts Ni or NdFeB into something less toxic and less soluble in vito... More possibilities, more tools. ^^ Maybe something to ease the urgency and danger to someone who has no threshold to tolerate a defective implant, in a controlled environment.
  • - oh dam, i love responsiveness of that site :D

    I can assure you that i have no paranormal abilities :D

    If I remember correctly, white blood cells are the one that are fighting against foreign entities. 

    I would be glad to help to get that kind of information. Tho i have no idea what should i "test". And NO i wont test retarded stuff even if you guys think it would work

    random question: what kind of "paranormal abilities" you heard of that somebody has?? it may be useless information, tho intresting :D
  • I ordered some 1mm x 3mm gold plated magnets from gaussboys a while back. I viewed them under my microscope today at 100x. All 50 of them had defects in their coatings.
    I took a picture of a few of them but my camera wouldn't pick up the smaller defects as seen in first picture of the album. The second picture you can see 2 silver colored spots that expose the under coating of nickel. The third photo is one that was already oxidizing. And the fourth one you can see a lot of spots exposing the nickel under coating. All the magnets were stored in the bag they came in.
  • @tapararay GOOD TO KNOW!!! tho, non of my gaussboys magnets failed salt water bath