DIY flex NFC for much cheaper (Please don't call it a flexNT even if it is a flexible nfc implant )
  • BenbeezyBenbeezy April 13
    So I have been doing a lot with the flex pcb things lately for another project related to bio hacking, but as a part of that project I am using super small, super thin nfc chips.

    Things to know:
    - the larger the antenna the better the read range
    - the ones I am showing you you'll still have to coat your self!
    - none of this is "safe" but I like to grind in a very DIY way, I know I'm crazy

    - here are 6 of them at about $2 per chip. 
    You can take these are really make them smaller by cutting the extra parts off the edges as long as you don't cut the copper antenna
    - these ones are a little bit larger, so better range for sure
    - this one also has extra pads on the antenna so you can add a different chip to it if you want (does work if you put an iclass chip on it)

    Extra info:
    - So both of these keep the nfc chip part on the antenna with this black glue stuff, very common, works fine, but it is thermal glue if you want to take the chip off and put your own chip on the antenna (like the iclass chip) you can just heat it up with the soldering iron and it will just come off, don't try and scratch it off because you will break the antenna if you try to.

    - take the antenna (whatever one you want)
    - cut down the sharp corners and extra material.
    - coat the damn thing already
    - I use FDA16 and FDA2T both work fine for me but the 16 does seem to go more thin and thats nice.
    - this 2.5ml is way more than needed to coat like 20 of these tiny things
    - coat them all as a sheet of the whole thing and then cut them out of the sheet of medically coated devices
    - again clean up the sharp edges
    - implant that shit! or don't, please for the love of god don't do this and blame me if your body doesn't like it