Modify your own genetics to have a high proportion of fast twitch muscle?
  • Could i modify myself become a faster athlete?
    "These are ACE and ACTN3 genes. Independent research has confirmed the connection between the genotype of ACE (angiotensin converting enzyme) and athletic performance. ACE gene has two gene variants: ACE I and ACE D. Gene variant ACE I raises ability in endurance sports or, in other words, the bearer of this gene has averagely higher endurance. Researches have indicated a more frequent occurrence of this gene combination on many top sportsmen of several endurance sports (running, skiing, rowing, triathlon etc). The bearers of gene variant ACE D have, on the contrary, averagely better abilities of strength and speed." 
     I need ACTN3 and ACE D but if i could change them would they affect my fiber type composition as an adult? are there any other know genes to affect this?

  • _Larry__Larry_ April 3
    Even if you could change them wouldn't it take a very long time of working out before you rebuild the muscle to the point of noticing a change?
  • I dont know how it works, but i am willing to learn. Anyone know if i can acheive this?
  • Please more input
  • Honestly, this just doesn't seems feasible on the hobbyist level. If you want to make it reality though you will have to work hard. I would start by teaching yourself all you can about the topic. Do you have any experince in the world of gene editing/therapy? 
  • No chrisbot how would i start though? Can you help me a bit
  • I am much more technologically inclined so I cannot offer you any direct insight into such things. However, I would start with the basics, maybe even start with reading through a few entry level text books, do some research and possibly reach out to a local university and see if there is someone to mentor you. Such a project would probably take quite a while to yield tangible results, and there are probably people already working on something that. If it was easy then people would already be doing it.
  • ou would start by first identifying which virus you would want to use to spread this throughout your body (I am assuming you don't want the effect to be localized) seeing if there are companies that sell plasmids for the specified genes you are trying to use then you would use your preferred method the modify the virus into just  inserting that DNA/ gene into you genome and take the virus as you would a vaccine 
  • What kind of person should i approach for this at a university? A biologist?
  • You'll probably want to consult with both a geneticist and a virologist, Then once you have the delivery virus made, run some tests on lab rats & the like.  It won't be a short process.
  • It seems to me that another issue even if you were to succeed would be your connective tissues not holding up to the sudden increased load. If tomorrow you woke up and could move your muscles faster and with more power and literally no other change, you'd probably start pulling and tearing everything if you tried to actually use them.
  • After the genes change would my muscle fiber compositiom change or remain as is