Curved magnet edges
  • FullDiverFullDiver March 16
    So I've read that coating failure is most common on the edges due to the coating not being distributed evenly on them, but you can't just eliminate the edges. Can you at least dial back the edges by making them more rounded instead of the 90° drop that we normally have, or would it not be beneficial?

  • CassoxCassox March 16
    Yeah, I got a big batch of mags that were tumbled. The edge are way better but I haven't gotten them coated yet.
  • JupiterJupiter March 22
    On a slightly unrelated note, I'd be curious to know if anyone's experimented with "plate" magnets. (My term, just made it up, might already be a different term for what I'm talking about and "plate" may refer to something else.)

    I mean, like, a wider than typical magnet that's no thicker than a dime after coating. I imagine such a thing must be possible, structurally, basically my thought is that current magnets are still relatively thick considering they're often implanted in thin locations in the body, fingertips for instance.